With This Guide Curing Homophobia Is A Real Possibility

By Vrinda Singh

There are some things that society ingrains so deeply within us, we don’t even realise that it is happening or that we are the very ones doing it.

When tossing off a comment or a remark to a person, you probably don’t think, not even ONCE,  even if it is just casually or in jest, before saying “you are such a gay” or “ this is so gay.”

Why is this so? Why this automatic lean towards making ‘gay’ an insult?

Because it’s already embedded in your mind, the discrimination of homosexuals that has been prevalent in the society. No one is asking for your approval to accept it or not, it is just there, something you are accostumed to.

And it comes naturally because back in school you were taught again and again, that the only acceptable relationship is between a male and a female. There is a wife and a husband. There is a mother and a father. There is a hero and heroine.

Even though the study and existence of homosexuals as a perfectly legitimate sexuality, were known to people, it has gone totally unrecognized and deemed unacceptable by the society for long.

That’s why as a child you end up believing all these notions that society keep enforcing on us, determining even before we can make any decision about what is right and what is wrong. 

At a later stage when you learn about the different sexualities like gays and lesbians, you might not get mad at them, but many of you will probably distance yourself from the very thought because of the irrational fear (phobia) that crawls your mind like an insect, symbolically speaking how corruption and nonsense leeches over politicians.

Let me point out few basics which are the causes and the cure for homophobia.curing homophobia

Elementary Education

Believe me when I say that homophobia is one of the most useless phobias existing in the society worldwide.

Why do I say that?

Because this is a fear that exists due to the incomplete elementary education pattern, the DENIAL of the reality and the wider known ability of humans to not accept and exploit Nature and it’s creation.

Don’t you think if we were taught about all the sexualities, including homosexuals, it would come naturally for even a child to accept and even support them?

Like if you weren’t taught about the SUN and suddenly someone tells you that, there exists one star which is a big ball of fire in the universe, what would you do? Obviously, be terrified of the destruction it might cause because of the half truth fed to you, won’t you?

curing homophobia

Sex Being A Necessity

Moving on to the other taboo which almost 99% of the humans believe in, is the pleasure and NECESSITY of sex. This is another reason why unacceptance comes largely from people regarding homosexuals as a way to extinction, and hence a driving force for homophobia.

Dear homophobes, please widen your scope of knowledge and realise that sex is not a necessity but an act of pleasure and satisfaction. People with no sex life are not the ones dying on a large scale or any scale, for a matter of fact.

I know you believe sex IS important, and therefore, if it is important, let the person choose whom to have sex with. Isn’t that simple?

Matter Of Choice

Dear smart humans, know that god’s creation has no influence of choice. You being a heterosexual wasn’t your choice, was it?

Similarly, gays and lesbians never really had a choice either! If they did, it means they have some extra power or existed in the favorable humans in the books of God. Ain’t it?

curing homophobia


There is a big reason for the existence of the notion that talking solves everything.

Overcoming your fears is the biggest challenge to be an achiever, it’s extremely important to face what you fear. The most dangerous thing in the world is the mentality which can either destroy or create. And that lies with humans.

Ignorance is not a bliss, it’s a hiss!

So, the cure lies in your fear itself. Embrace people as they are and give the same love as you do to your pet.

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