Why Best Work Cultures Need Core Values?


Values, ethics, and morals are a complex interconnection and remain mutually dependent. The culmination of what they preach and the essence of these terms is commonly captured by the phrase ‘core values’ in an organization.

Science is testimony to the fact that every action that creates a resonating impact stems from a strong focal point or origin. Thus, similar to how the foundation of a building is crucial to support a towering structure, core values in an organization act as the basis of all interactions within the system.

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Over the last few decades, organizations have witnessed immense cross-cultural presence and a paradigm shift in employee expectations has forced managers to modify organization culture to satisfy everybody.

Globalisation poses the challenge of ensuring harmony at the workplace by overcoming differences in backgrounds, perceptions, and behaviors.

Therefore, core values or the philosophy of an organization have evolved as significant and influential parameters of bringing everybody on the same page.

Every member in an organization finds themselves at the threshold of decision-making and the onus of the outcome lies entirely on him.

While peer guidance is pre-eminent, the core values groom the employees to address the problem at hand and prevent ‘compounding deficiencies’ in work.

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A few universally important core values are-

1. Honesty

The success of any organization lies in its ability to deliver what it promises and a sustainable business is driven by the value of honesty in their practice.

2. Accountability

One must know what one is doing and in the case of inadequacy, they must assume responsibility for their actions. Withdrawing from responsibility or not acknowledging the performance of a given task is a trait one must refrain from.

3. Balance

Doing one task perfectly and ignoring the other is as good as doing neither. Thus, it is imperative to manage your time and effort effectively & efficiently.

4. Society

Regardless of how big or small an organization is, a quintessential work culture promotes community service to the best of their abilities.

5. Innovation

An organization must constantly strive to perform better and improve their results. A creative and dedicated workforce keeps up the pace in an organization.

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The core values of an organization are directly related to its identity and what gives it the competitive advantage. Core values are not just mere guidelines rather, they are the footsteps that every new employee follows and an old employee preaches.

Conflicts and differences are minimized with an intelligently framed system of values and ethics in an organization.

While every individual remains unique and all situations are subjective in nature, what your organization stands for sets an example for the outside world and holds every member together, harmoniously moving towards a common goal.

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