ED Brings To You A Virtual Tour Of The Mughal Gardens

Spring has arrived, spilling colours over the otherwise, monotonous lush green landscape. The sky, with its own kind of blue, and the ground, with its assorted hues and flowery bloom, is turning the a compound inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan, into a feast for the eyes.

The manicured lawns of Mughal Gardens have transitioned into an eclectic, heterogenous fluorescence in the wake of even more manicured lawns. The gates have been opened to the general public, for the months of February and March, at zero entry fee. Yes people, barge in, no one is going to stop you. Go, hangout after college!

Here’s a step by step walk through of the entire place:

  • The journey begins with the herbal garden which is a bewildering criss-cross of paths, leading you to an endless maze if you want to look at all the hard work put in by the gardener. The well-tamed shrubs can be used to treat an endless variety of ailments, ranging from diabetes to mental stress.
  • Located in a little enclosure on moving past the herbal garden is the bonsai garden. A beauty, in its own right, the little trees are sure to warm you up, making you feel all fuzzy and happy. Look at the bougainvillea and Christmas tree, holding their own against everybody.


  • Musical fountain greets us next, playing the 80’s and the 90’s classic with the water orchestrating its move with the music. Delight or maybe not! The choice of the songs could have been better. Be prepared to be touched upon by the magical mist from the fountains, if it is windy.


  • Next up, is the main compound based on Mughal architecture. This is a marvel in itself with intersecting paths and water flows. You’ll find flowers with the most weirdly uncommon names like Iceberg and Just Joey and yes, also an opportunity to gaze at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, up close.

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  • Rose Garden comes up next. Shrubs abound, with the most beautiful roses you would have seen in your life. Only if you had paid the gardener like the President! Myraid hued roses and pathways as these, almost like a way to heaven.


  • This circular, mesmerising, intoxicating mess treats you next. Flowers after flowers, in full bloom, are sure to take your breath away. Never knew, the world was so colourful.


Be on the lookout. You might even find the perfect place for your next Instagram/ Facebook/ Whatsapp profile picture.



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