Trash It, Trend It: Everything Unusual That Happened In News This Week

With demonetization still keeping everyone and everything on their heels, the world did not fail to witness their fair share of human bizarre in their morning newspapers.

Here is a brief recap of everything unusual in news this week.


Surat Couple Spends only 500 Rupees On Their Wedding.

Raksha_Surat marries with 500 rupees

We have heard many things extreme happening in weddings, but what we surely never have heard about is a wedding arranged on super savings. Raksha from Surat took a cue from Modi’s ‘Chai pe Charcha’ dictates to enjoy her one special day with her husband, demonetization style.

How? Guests were only served tea!

If you are not calling the Guinness Book Of World records to document this, I am.


Indian Government Extend Credit Line To Indian Farmers

farmer demonetisation NABARD

With the economy taking a severe hit post demonetization, coming to a virtual halt actually, the government continues with their trial and error method to make lives easier for the Indian farmers. NABARD will make way to extend credit worth 210 billion rupees to Indian farmers at a time when they urgently need money to sow seeds for the winter crops.

Should help satisfy Modiji’s ‘Maan’ even more. Only if some of the loan officers are not dozing off their chairs and pocketing the money instead.


Female Indian Naval Officer Wins Highest Bravery Award For Dramatic Sea Rescue.

Radhika menon IMO

Radhika Menon, India’s first female merchant navy captain has won this year’s International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea, for having rescued seven fishermen stranded in the turbulent water of Bay of Bengal over a week. She is the only woman to have earned this distinction in the world.

India has yet again discovered a brilliant new role model for the nation in a woman. So proud.


Trash It

Facebook Build’s Censorship Tool To Re-Enter China.

news this week

In other news this week, Facebook wants to get their Chinese on after being banned for 7 years. For country that doesn’t want to their own people to enjoy any net neutrality, Facebook is designing a tool to allow third party supervision of news feeds.

Hypocrisy much Facebook? Okay I forgive you. It’s just business. *innocent face*


11 People Arrested For Trafficking Babies in Biscuit Boxes.

child human trafficking

I cannot undo this image in my head. CID on Monday raided a private nursing home in Baduria, near Kolkata where they found babies stored away in card boxes in a locked medical store-room. The owner and staff were arrested in connection to the busting of a human trafficking syndicate.

Double check empty cardboard boxes every time. I repeat, double check them.


India Loves Telangana Cheif Minister’s New Bulletproof Bathrooms.

bullet proof bathroom at chief minister's residence

Telengana chief minister decided that he deserved a sweet little treat and had a $73 million dollars worth house built. It houses some state-of-the-art bulletproof bathrooms because he knows that the sooner or later the Indian taxpayers will be out to get his blood.


That’s all for news this week. In the mood for more? Come back next week, for more bizarre, because we never seem to run out of it!

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