The Economics Society of St. Stephen’s College is back with Eco-Mediathon as part of its National Economics Festival to be held on 19th and 20th January 2018.

A novel coalescence of economics and journalism, Mediathon is a great experience for those wishing to put their command over economics to test alongside their skill at incisive journalism. With two stimulating rounds, this event is treat for anyone interested in writing, debating and of course, Economics!

National Economics Festival Of St. Stephens

Round 1- Crisis Simulation 

This round will test the participant’s presence of mind, analytical and writing skills under immense time pressure. You will be required to use your journalistic skills to cover the economic crisis and prepare an interesting media report that will be judged by actual journalists in the field of economics.

This round will begin with the introduction of the crisis, followed by a press conference and interviews. You will then have to use these insights along with your knowledge of economics to analyse the crisis and predict outcomes. Your article will be sent to a panel of judges who will declare the top six articles. These teams will then move on to the final round.

Through this round, you will be challenged to think outside the box and view economics in a completely different light. You will also get a chance to have your article read and assessed by some highly distinguished judges. Moreover, the flexibility of the challenge will allow you to interact with passionate students from all across the country.

Date- 19th January

Time- 3:30PM

Round 2- Debatonomics

This round will have the 6 selected teams from Round 1 and will follow a novel debating format that will require you to analyse economic dilemmas in depth and come up with sound arguments to support your perspectives.

The debate motion and other unique rules will be revealed to the participants on 19th January only. The final round will be held on the next day. This round does not require any prior experience in debating and you will be judged on your ability to analyse and present economically sound arguments.

Date- 20th January

Time- 10:00 AM

This event will provide you a platform where you can apply your knowledge of economics beyond the confines of your classroom through discussions and debates with enthusiasts from across the country.

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/Mediathon-18

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