New York To London In 11 Minutes: Supersonic Travel Is Here

If someone told me a few days back that one can reach from NY to London in just 11 minutes, I would probably slap him and curse him. But now, I will probably say to him (or her) that please get me a ticket for Antipode.

The age of supersonic travel is perching upon the human spirit and the Antipode stands as a perfect testament to this fact. (This is 100% true, unlike the IIPM degree!)



It promises to take you off in 11 minutes. (Yes, you are not stoned if you read this.) The Aviation Marvel will climb to 40,000 feet at Mach 5.

Not just London, it has a lot more in store for you. The speeding giant will reach Shanghai in 24 minutes and Sydney in 32. (This is a lot more surprising than Trump making sense.)

With an accommodation capacity of 10 passengers, Antipode can rocket off at a speed of 12,427 miles an hour (as precise as the no.of germs killed by Dettol).



Antipode is the brainchild of Charles Bombardier along with the founder of Lunatic Koncepts, Abhishek Roy.

The airplane is specifically designed to sustain higher temperatures while maintaining a higher altitude. It uses LPM (Long Penetration Mode), an aerodynamics technology that cools down extremely scorch temperatures.


Bombardier envisions to use this for business for military and business travellers. He believes that this can be a perfect substitute for a Skreemer Jet that was earlier made by him too.

Imagine how cool it will be when the airplane would be used by you to travel long distances in such short durations.

Though, don’t imagine the cost which would be a really major challenge in your dream journey. (I am speaking for the Non-Adani Non-Ambani class.)

Till then do try AIR INDIA. ;)

Image Credits: Google, Times Internet


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