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I Can’t Stand ‘Mohabbatein’ One Bit: Hope It Shows In My Rants Here

I remember the year 2000 very vividly. It was the year right after 1999, a few months after all the world-ending, rabble-rousing Y2K hysteria had...
How Destructive echo chambers are

Demystifying Echo Chambers : A Social Construct Among Us Which We Experience But Don’t...

Let's talk about echo chambers ; a term which you might have heard in fancy parliamentary debates but never bothered to fully understand. I still...
nauchandi mela

The Nauchandi Mela In Uttar Pradesh Was Much More Than Loot, Rape and Violence

-By Ananya Agarwal Meerut, a small city exactly 70 kilometers from Delhi is the “cricket capital” of West Uttar Pradesh, famous for its sweets like...