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Law Commission Wants Sports Betting Legalised, Minister Wants Marijuana Legalised: What About Sanskaari India?

You might have already heard about how Thiruvananthan MP Shashi Tharoor recently spoke in support of legalizing marijuana in "land of bhang". The news spread...
Indian Rihanna

Meet The Indian Rihanna From Chhattisgarh, The Bold And Beautiful Renee Kujur

We don't usually believe in doppelgangers but hey, this one made us scratch our heads in surprise. Introducing the Indian Rihanna, we present model Renee...

Racial Discrimination On Indian Campuses Exists, Let Us Show You

An educational institution is ideally a place where one goes to study, take part in extracurricular activities, and make friends. However, beyond this rosy exterior...