Stages Of Weight Loss Plans And How It Eventually Dies Down. Always

Have you been trying to shed the same 5-7 kilos, since time immemorial? Are you of the opinion that if you mange to shed that flab, your life will take a 360 degree turn, and the sun will shine a little brighter on you? Is your new year’s resolution stuck in the rut of weight loss? All I can say is ‘Welcome to the Club’!


Many of us who wish to have the perfect figure (though the criterion of a ‘perfect figure’ is shallow) think of reducing a few kilos every now and then. The thought turns into action but is short lived and ill-motivated.

So I shall tell you how this process is kick started and how it simmers down eventually!

  • Sincere Conviction:

It starts with a hard hitting reality that your hackneyed favourite photo/whatsapp display is not how you look anymore. It is a subtle reminder of those happy days when you had to penetrate a new hole in your belt to fit your size.

Now with the coming of a big wedding, birthday or any special occasion, it dawns on you that your ‘years of neglect’ towards your body needs to be dealt with, ASAP. This conviction makes you highly motivated to shed some weight and you are up and about! #slimdream


  • The ‘Dhakka’ Start:

With a plan in mind, the time comes when you need to execute it.

The 7:00am yoga or walk has to kick start.

The gym membership has to be renewed.

McDonalds and Dominos number has to be deleted from your phone book!

This ‘dhakka’ is shoved in your face when you start getting those snide remarks from your mother – ‘Beta, yeh fit nahi aa raha kya? XYZ ko dedu?’




  • Sweat it Out:

With the ‘dhakka’ that was needed, one starts sweating it out. One may try from Zumba to Aerobics to hard core gymming but the desired result is expected instantly which cannot be the case!

And trust me, Green Tea is NOT the only solution, you need to work out too people.



  • Junk Attraction:

Our mind plays mean tricks with us. Our penchant for junk food grows stronger as we start sweating it out and take an off from eating junk food.

Conveniently the person who disgusts you would suddenly start looking serene because he/she would be having a plate of steaming hot momos while you’d be having… sprouts.

And you lose it. It starts with one momo, one outing with friends and you are back to where it all started!

  • Relapse:

Now that you have started your junk food routine and gym just seems out of the picture because you have ‘too much work’ to do, your plan relapses.

You are now more prone to blogs that reiterate the fact that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, ‘More of me means more of me to be loved’ or ‘Love thyself’ and so on. And your old routine is back! @MaiApniFavouriteHu

Jokes apart, it is true. We are all beautiful and people who judge others by their appearances are not only shallow but also have a low IQ. Though, one must be fit and have a healthy lifestyle. That makes you fit and fantastic!


This cycle goes on and all you can do is wait for the right moment when it hits you hard that it’s high time and gets you serious.

Or else, you do not give a damn about your weight and ‘Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat’.


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