Rolls Royce Ghost Series II – Its No Ordinary Power.

Consider the world’s finest automobiles and we’re sure that the first name that is going to hit you is Rolls Royce and this article will deal their new vehicle only. Rolls-Royce has been under the stewardship of BMW for over a decade, and their Phantom sedan, launched in 2003, revived the brand from near obscurity to one of the foremost symbols of extreme wealth.

From there on, Rolls-Royce brand has crafted a very lustrous image of them after very strategic and careful launches in the market and their next vehicle is expected to continue the legacy.

Yes we’re taking of the new Rolls Royce Ghost Series II which is now bigger, better and more royal. Let’s talk of improvements on various grounds.


Visual changes on the new Ghost are inspired a lot by its two-door Wraith coupe sibling. Newly added chrome inserts grace the front air intakes, which Rolls now claims feed more cooling air to the front brakes. Among the most impressive features are the headlights, which perform better than the outgoing units and default to high beam, dimming only when there is oncoming traffic.


There now is a so-called “wake channel” on the hood to improve the aerodynamics of the car, the bumpers have been restyled to be more round and imposing, and the side character line the company calls the “waft line” now ends more softly.



Enter of the cabin of the ghost and the plush and luxurious interior of the vehicle will take you down in happiness immediately.


Rolls-Royce has also updated the cabin with more chrome and glitter around the instruments and an all new seating structure. The redesigned seats which now offer a greater range of adjustment and thigh support are a welcome addition with heating and cooling options. The positioning of the seats remains relatively high, while the rear seats remain relatively upright as well. Rear seat legroom is plentiful in both the standard and extended wheelbase versions of the Ghost, but foldable tray table is only available in long-wheelbase version.The feel of the leather-covered steering wheel and suspension system is light and elegant rather than fat and heavy like a sportier car. The car has also got a new pedestrian-detecting night vision to ensure more safety and stability.


The new RR also gets a redesigned iDrive controller with the Spirit of Ecstasy embossed on it. The Ghost Series II benefits from the latest telematics and infotainment systems offered in the BMW lineup. It understands simple commands, such as “go to” or “call,” and it allows data entry by means of a touch pad.



The essentials of the engine remain the same. The Ghost will be powered by a twin-turbo 6.6-liter V12 under the long hood, which produces 563 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque. The powertrain has been mated to a new eight-speed Satellite Aided Transmission (SAT) in order to predict the driver’s next moves and shift or hold gears accordingly. The refresh version of rear-wheel-drive sedan wafts to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and onward to a top speed of 155 mph.

The drive of the V12 is very effortless and power isn’t sudden or overwhelming. The driver or passenger’s head is never ripped back with brutal acceleration. Instead, the car feels like it simply pushes the earth backward in the opposite direction, leaving the occupants with a ride full of comfort and satisfaction.



We loved the beautiful build, luxurious cabin and imperious performance on tap in the new Ghost Series II. Driver feels not like he is piloting a manmade, leather-festooned hunk of steel, but rather a force of nature and this sensation makes the car so special. Acceleration is impressive; braking is absolutely drama free and special SAT is absolutely effortless.

Yes the car may feel a bit unstable and wallowing in the corners and but everything else in the car sets a new benchmark and capable enough of give you more than a comfortable drive.

By: Kartik Chaudhary


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