Pulp Fiction Is Like Random S#!t In Thug Life

By Siddharth Sharma

To watch or not to watch is the question. And I would say please don’t. Because if there is something in this world that can make you fall asleep other than your textbooks, it is this movie. I repeat “Do not watch!”

In the beginning of the movie, the producer tries to tell the audience that this movie is going to suck to the core by showing the dictionary definition of pulp which says (By the way, we only read Star Wars scrolls but, whatever),


*coughs* Lurid means unpleasantly bright or sensational. Other than being bright, it certainly is lurid.

Okay, so it’s one of those movies where there are a bunch of different stories and every story magically connects to the other, and by the end of it, something awesome happens. Only here it doesn’t. Totally random things happen followed by more random stuff. I can tell you what the writer was thinking while writing it, “Let’s add some dance. Because why not?” “Let’s make the shopkeeper a serial psychopath who rapes men. Because.. why not?”

It’s basically like skipping the first four seasons and directly watching Game of thrones Season 5, stuff happening with random characters. Only without the porn. And without all the other awesome stuff like white walkers or dragons. Boring sexless Game of Thrones. I feel sleepy even talking about it.


  1. The Restaurant Robbers: At the very start of the movie we’re gonna see a thrilling robbery of a restaurant, but no. That’s just the teaser, you’ll see the robbery at the end now when you have completely forgotten that those characters even existed.
  2. Vincent Vega is told about how a guy was nearly killed for just touching Mia Wallace’s feet. We think of course this is the guy who will go farther and then they’ll run away from Mr. Wallace in the whole movie like Knight and Day. But No. Expect the unexpected. He instead saves her from drug overdosing with the help of a friend and they become best friends for ever after.
  3. Butch’s watch: We are given the longest intro one can ever give about a watch. And when Butch forgets his watch at his house, I WAS PRETTY SURE HE’LL DIE for this insolence. But instead, oh almighty instead. He goes there kills Vega, and while coming back runs into Marcellus, and then while trying to fight each other, they both run into a shopkeeper who ties them both up to rape them. I mean I’m pretty sure that watch was up the writer’s ass while writing this nonsense.
  4. Mace Windu (Jules) uses the force and dodges some bullets, but when Vega shoots that kid in the backseat of the car, he was driving, so he couldn’t multitask man. But when he senses the power of the force, he does turn to the light side. (This might not be a flaw!)
  5. Mr. Wolf: Comes to solve their brain-drained car. And it might have been somewhat funny, but its relevance in the movie is NIL. And I mean NIL. Like many other things. But this sequence takes like 2 hours. And oh my god I facepalmed so hard when I realised it had nothing to do with anything whatsoever.

So after watching the movie I googled the actual meaning. Here’s what I got. Pulp fiction was the cheap selling poor quality fiction selling in the early 20th century. Okay it was bad fiction, but then why did people love it so much? I had to know. So I went to Quora. On there, people had explained that it had many references from US’s old gangster movies and how it was different and funny and stuff, which I didn’t really care about, and I stuck with my opinion that it sucked, and it’s not meant for our time or country and I must totally continue to hate it.


What I learned from Pulp Fiction

  • Bad guys can turn good.
  • Evil guys can get f**ed in the ass.
  • How random things can happen to random characters.
  • Americans are obsessed with drugs.

Lead male character: Marcellus Wallace, because probably he is the only one to connect with all those random events. Vincent Vega is cool too.

Lead female character: Mia Wallace, because she is hot.


And that is all there is too Pulp Fiction, really.

Seems like a conversation between me and people who like Pulp Fiction. But go on, if you still want to watch the movie watch it! And if you happen to like it leave a comment about why you do down below.

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