Private Hospitals In Delhi To Give Free Treatment To Patients, Here’s Why & How!

By Pankaj Rawat

Helping an injured in a road accident is something which we Delhites seldom do. It was not long back when SC’s decision of giving protection to Good Samaritan came into effect. Supreme Court in its ruling on 30th march 2016 approved the guidelines coined by Central government for the protection of Good Samaritans. It henceforth ensured that they should not be intimidated by the hands of law.

Recently Delhi’s AAP Government has decided to notify 230 private hospitals in a bid to ensure immediate treatment to the injured person. This has been first time that Government has decided to bring in private hospitals for this cause. The Delhi government will finance it.

Let’s demystify this noble initiative.

1) Who will pay expense? – Earlier, there was only one choice. Admit the injured in a government hospital and carry the expenses. But with this scheme, a difficult step was to create a system of financing it, so the burden does not fall on the person who saved the victim.

To monitor this, Delhi government has planned to launch an app on which the information of an injured person would be uploaded. This would be done by the hospital authorities within 12 hours of patient’s admission.

A patient now can be admitted at a stretch for 14 days, if his/her ordeal demands for it.

2) Priority is to give good treatment- Delhi’s health Minister has said, “It has been seen that around 1600 people die in road accidents, and they could have been saved if they were admitted to the hospital quickly. Generally all the government hospitals are very far which used to be a big hurdle; with the inclusion of private hospitals, this situation will change drastically”.

3) A major help to acid attack and Burnt Patients:– Acid attack victims and the patients who suffer burns need immediate attention. With this scheme, the government is following the order of the SC who said, “It’s the responsibility of the government to save the life of people injured in road accidents”.

4) Concept of health volunteers:- Government has also started training health volunteers who will keep a check on the conditions of the injured. They will ensure the good application of the scheme.

5) Free tests in private hospital under this Scheme:- It may sound weird to the opposition that the government is stressing too much on freebies. Well, if it is managing it efficiently without distressing the public accounts, there is no problem in providing them especially in the health sector where pan nation health security is still a mirage.

To ensure this, Delhi government has planned to expand the horizon of Free Test scheme in private hospitals. Now they will also conduct free tests for the needy.

This entire initiative is a prime example of good work by the state government.

First with Mohalla Clinic, then with this scheme AAP government is doing innovative work in the Education and Health sector.

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