Play 8 Brilliant Video Games From Your School Days

Play 8 Brilliant Video Games From Your School Days

Orginal Author- Team Orange

Video Games were an incredible part of our lives while growing up. We want to take you back to those days, after all, we’ll always be children at heart.

8. Cricket 97


We couldn’t find a link to this classic, but you can download the game from this link here  (It’s just 8mb!!)

You can boost your performance by checking out some cheat codes here.

7. Wolf 3D


What’s better than kicking Adolf Hitler’s ass?!! Nothing. You can do it all over again here.

And if the Nazi’s start wining, don’t be shy to use these codes here.

6. Super Mario


Play this genius of a game here.

No cheats for this, you’ve probably played it far too many times.

5. Prince Of Persia


Save the princess, kill the Wazir!! Do that right here.

This game expects you to be badass and win on your own terms. However, you can learn how to “Prince Megahit” here.

4. Dangerous Dave


Ah, the game that was always there on your father’s ancient 90′s IBM. Some nostalgia for you right over here.

If things start to get tough, use these cheats son.

3. Doom


Probably the first time you saw gore on a computer. Relive those days here.

This game also marked the arrival of a new word in your life – IDDQD. See more of those crazy cheatshere.

2. Road Rash


We haven’t been able to find a link for this classic, but you can download it here. (21Mb only)

And it’s now time for you to become invincible again, check out these classic cheats here.

1. Contra


This is by far the one game that every boy in India has played on the beautiful SEGA Console. Relive those amazing late night days here.

We’re not sure if these would work, but it’s definitely worth reliving again. Check out the cheat codes to Contra here. Happy Gaming!!

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