The Active Participation of Photoshop In Politics: Blurring Lines Of Truth Even More

“If anything can make me win an election, it is Photoshop.” – Rahul Gandhi.

Instead of relying on the leaders and party members, political parties now completely rely on their technical team. A team made of experts who are from head to toe involved in photoshopping. Because originality is such a cliché. Be it BJP or Congress, use of unfair means is the plan A. For them, an alternative to plan-A would be losing the elections. Why lose when you can cheat? (Swag level: Subrahmaniam Swamy)


The following video uploaded by Hollyshit takes a dig at political parties by showing how they cheat the public by using photoshop images to glorify their leaders and degrade the other party:

It looks like social media is having a strong influence on politics.

Question that I keep asking myself

Has India’s condition improved so much that parties have to create fake agendas in order to win the public? Surely not.

India is still neck deep in poverty as it was before the elections. Youth still lacks employment. Farmers still lack funds. And politicians still lack healthy motive.


Maybe talking about things that matter has become too old-fashioned for us.

Doctored, Photoshopped, Faked


Technology has surely advanced, and so have we. But citizens do fall for these fake photoshopped stuff and lose their cool. How can one forget the doctored video of the night at JNU? A lot of them don’t even watch the video. And then that photo showing Modi survey the Chennai floods from a helicopter.


After the Paris attacks, photograph of a young guy wearing a suicide jacket and holding a Quran was circulated on social media as a suspect. It turned out that it was a photoshopped photo & the guy was holding an I-pad instead of Quran, and wearing a jacket instead of a suicide bomb.

Bravo! Looks like people have got no job at all.

Just a tweet of a self-declared-nationalist is enough to ignite a spark and eventually causing a forest fire.

And if everyone is doing this then how can amma be behind.


If anything is the changing point in our political system then it is Photoshop. Meena Boy must be feeling so proud. :’)


Images Source: Google Images.


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