Law Breakers = Law Makers !



In a landmark judgement by Supreme Court, it has directed PM and CMs not to induct charge sheeted persons facing trials as Ministers. In the current cabinet, out of 45 members around 12 have criminal records. This includes some very important names of the cabinet like Uma Bharti, Harsh Vardhan, Meneka Gandhi, Nitin Gadkari , Ram Vilas Paswan. According to a survey in 2013, around 1460 MLAs and MPs had a criminal record. How shameful is that? The ‘lawmakers’ are the ‘lawbreakers’ themselves. How dismal is the state of our system that the apex court has to pass an order on something, which is quiet ethical and moral.Justice Dipak Sharma has rightly quoted that, “Criminalisation of politics is an anathema to the sacredness of democracy.” The Supreme Court has not termed this as disqualification to be an MP or an MLA. It is just a suggestion for PM and CMs.


Just think of situation or a time when the parliament or legislative assembly is overloaded with ‘criminal ministers’. Citizens would never abide to rules and regulations because if a father stops his son from smoking and continues to do the same in front of him, there is hardly a scope that the son would not do the same. Same is the case with citizens and the government. The decision makers would not be able to insert some clause into criminal law because every time they do so, problems might be awaiting for them too. Just Imagine, a minister cannot go abroad for official work because his passport has been confiscated by the court. Ridiculously disgraceful!

However, there is another side of this verdict too. The opposition party would be keen to get benefits. When an opposite party knows that the ones under trial cannot be the ministers, they might go on bombarding some false cases on their counterparts. The opposition, which could engage in verbal conflicts only, would have the chance to go far beyond that. Just think, Mr.Modi is about to make Arun Jaitley the next home minister and the opposition party files a case against him. The country and the parliament are at a big loss here. So, the verdict ,definitely, cannot be termed as a boon for Indian politics.

The implications of the verdict can only be seen when our Parliament and Legislative Assemblies become a ‘criminal free zone’. However, one thing is pretty sure that it would help people realise that politics is not all about crime and criminals. They will surely help to build trust on our political system.


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