Kashmir needs troops


A family has a good night’s sleep in Kashmir because it knows that there are enough troops out there to protect them. A man walks out of his house, freely, for work, in Kashmir because he knows that the troops, abundant in nature, are there to protect him. Isn’t this peace? So is it justified if we take away a family’s sleep and a man’s right to walk out of his house by cutting back on troops? NO. The debacle over cutting back on troops in Kashmir and this leading to more peace is just very vague and dangerous.

Kashmir has always been a time bomb for India, ready to blast. One of the major reasons why this hasn’t happened till now is because of the Indian armed forces. They’ve helped in combating terrorism, the biggest tension for the state of Kashmir. So in a state like Kashmir, how can one justify, how much is too much?

Terrorism has always acted like a high school bully for the state of Kashmir. And as a parent of all states, it is the duty of the Indian government to protect its child from this ugly monster. Hence the need for more troops.

A majority of the people might argue that such activities have started to extinguish in Kashmir thus giving way to peaceful summers. But the major point remains that there is a sense of stability because of the presence of troops. They were deployed to make the situation better. And now the situation is such, ONLY BECAUSE OF THIER PRESENCE.

The current number of troops have also come under the scanner because o the misuse of the AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act). A recent report clearly reported that only 3.52% of the cases against the army (ranging from rapes, molestation, violence etc.) have been found true. And all those found guilty have been detained.

The biggest and last point which justifies the need for these troops is the spill-over from Afghanistan. With the removal of troops by the US from Afghanistan, there is a mighty possibility of attacks in Kashmir. So is it justified to draw back troops right now?  Will there be peace in instability? Will there be peace in volatility? NO.

The need of the hour is not to cut back on troops but to win the hearts of the Kashmir people by making them comfortable in the environment of the troops. Strict actions must be taken by any misuse of power.


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