Police Officials Are NOT A Liability, Care To Respect Their Situation

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is purely of the author. The content may seem lop sided to a lot of people but this is a democratic nation, and I am just putting forth my thoughts.

Police officials in India are not just underpaid but also under-equipped and over-employed. It’s high time for the legislature to realize that issues related to police system are more important than Juvenile Justice or FDI.


Police is responsible for the maintenance of a civil society. Civil is a term used for displaying proper behavior or politeness. Isn’t it contradictory?

Played, not Paid

A police constable in India is paid on average 20 thousand rupees per month which add up to 2.5L rupees per annum (less than 4000$). And let us not forget that this is the AVERAGE salary. This means that a lot of low range constables are paid between 10,000 to 15,000 per month and are expected to be on duty 12 hours a day or 24×7 in some cases, all year round.

How is one expected to be so faithful to his job when in return you get only a piggy bank saving?

Corruption? Why not?

It is not wrong for anyone to say that almost all of the police officials are corrupt. And not just corrupt as in taking bribes but also not following procedures.


The salary of police officials shows that the government treats them as a liability. Just like how in ancient times girls were treated by their parents.

People who are reading this, all have a cellphone in their hands or a laptop on their table. The Nokia cellphone in that police official’s hand is not because he has a bad taste in technology. It’s because he has a bad pay in his job.

Drunk Cop, Drunk Media

Let us not forget the misleading media. Media is so credible that it deserves a garland made of torn Bata shoes. Double standards is all they have.

Everyone has watched news channels showing drunken policemen misbehaving with public or sleeping on duty.

The other side of the coin always gets neglected. Instead of making a documentary focusing on the poor conditions in which our sipahis live, they show a report on how police officials are a disgrace to the nation. A low ranked officer has a house equivalent to a rat’s place. And then if someone says that they are thinking about leaving the country then everybody loses their cool.

Seriously, media you are not helping. At all.

Give respect, not bribe

We Indians can do nothing about it.

The only contribution we can make is by respecting them and their work. Be humble. Understand them and their situation.

3919914595-Time Now for Police Reforms

And let us not forget that there is only 1 cop per 761 people in India. That is a lot of pressure to handle.

So the next time you see a police person, do not judge him.

Also think that you’ll be one of those few who respect them.

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