Humans Story 9 – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

The biggest and perhaps, the most costly mistake we have or will make in our lives is taking things, feelings, people around us, even ourselves, for granted. It is because of these unattentive, maybe unintentional gestures that the most precious elements of our lives disappear. As they say, the unexpected hurts the most.

To gain a bit insight into what the terminal ailment, Cancer, snatched away from these souls, as much as giving to them in return, we talked to them and here’s what ED learned.

He started loving what all was around him, after being diagnosed with cancer. Playing cards with his associates, laughing at things he still finds funny, loving his family, simple things as such have started to mean a lot to him, certainly more than they did before. Gladly, cancer couldn’t take away his innocent smile.

Because of cancer, he had to leave his job so that he could reside full time at the treatment centre. In a world full of professionals hating their jobs, he clearly loved his.

Wife of one of the patients, she was too giddy getting her picture clicked. Instead of talking to us about what cancer made her husband leave behind, she was more interested in getting to know us, and very obviously, appreciating us for the beautiful picture we clicked.

As beautiful as she is now, she told us she looked way better before cancer hit her. What it made her miss upon is her time with her little kids, who were still living back in her hometown with the rest of her family. She now spends her days thinking about how she’ll make it up to them.

She’s only 16, and has missed two full school years till now, because of cancer. She says she’s certain her family would let her study again, once she’s cured completely, and was glad they supported her still.

All of these people were either completely cured or were on their way to be, almost there. Thankful for another chance at life, their renewed energy was commendable.

Let’s learn what we have to here, to love unconditionally and live life to the fullest, without regrets.


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