Giving Birth In A Toilet – That Is What Demonetisation Has Brought On The Aam Aadmi

By Shriya Tomar

500 ka nahi chalega, khulle do!!

We all are aware of such lines now. Its been lika a “Mantra” now for us. Did we ever think that a “pink patti” of 1000 which ‘was’ a proud gift for a sister or a life saviour for many of us is no more of use now.

The demonetization of currency has made a “mata ka jagrata” situation for black money holders and giving them a panic attack and without any doubt it is a masterstroke by our Prime Minister.

But on the ground level, if we take a reality check it has created mayhem. Not only the news of bundles of 500 and 1000 rupee notes being set on fire has been reported but also suicides of but suicides have been committed by a lot of housewives per se.

New Delhi: People queue up at out side of banks ATM to get money in New Delhi on Sunday. PTI photo by Vijay Verma(PTI11_13_2016_000071A)

The toll it takes on an average Indian!

The latest heart-wrenching incident added to the on-going list of such news has happened in Govandi, Mumbai. A new born lost her life just after her birth as her parents did not have 100 rupee notes but only notes of bigger denominations.

The hospital refused to accept the child because the bundle of Rs 100 notes was more important than a human life.

Kiran Sharma, the mother of the infant, is the wife of Carpenter Jagdish Sharma. She was due for delivery soon and the Government scrapped the use of 500 and 1000 notes just a day before the incident had happened.

The situation got worse on 9th November as Kiran went into early labour, so she had to deliver her baby in the toilet of her house because the hospital was quite far. For further treatment and precautions, Kiran and her child were taken to the Dr. Sheetal Kamath of Jeevan Jyot Hospital and Nursing home.

Just after the initial care, hospital demanded Rs 6000 with a remark of “no 500 or 1000 notes”. “GET THE CHANGE AND HAVE THE BABY ADMITTED”, they were told. No further treatment was provided to the premature infant and the family was rendered helpless late at night due to closing of the ATMs .They went back dejected and the condition of the baby worsened.

The baby was taken to another doctor but died in between waiting for her turn. After the loss, a police complaint was lodged at the Shivaji Nagar Police station.


Have we really lost our humanity or worse, our common sense?

I believe this incident, and maybe many more could have been avoided! I will support this move with all my heart if these incidents are not passed off as collateral damage.

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