It’s here. After months of long, winding, prevaricating and exhausting teasers and motion posters, the first official trailer for Game of Thrones has finally dropped. And it is, oh so very, very good.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Martin’s Universe, get out from under that rock of yours and get a life. For the rest, beware of minor spoilers here and there (And by spoilers, I mean observations from freezing every second frame so, sue me). Here are some major takeaways from that new trailer,


Not a spoiler, that. Khaleesi has finally landed on Westerosi shores (Dragonstone, to be exact) with her army of Unsullied, Khalasar and her three, barbeque-friendly dragons. You see her touching the sand (Very Sunil Shetty in Border types) and sitting on her brand-new throne (Which looks way more comfortable than the one Cersei is on).

I’ll admit it. As much as I am ambivalent about Dany, there is a certain joy to be had at the sight of dragons flying over a raging horde of Dothraki warriors. Methinks she will make it to the end of the season (If her Unsullied has improved on its fighting skills, that is).


Season 6 ended with Lady Michael Corleone, Queen of the Wine Lovers Club, Cersei Lannister high on the Iron Throne after having made kebabs out of her enemies in King’s Landing. Now, it’s her turn to look East (Well, West, North, South as well but hell, she won’t survive the East). She has Jaime (Valonqar. Honk twice if you get that reference) and probably, so is Euron.

The Lannister Army is in battle with the Unsullied at what looks like Horn Hill but has Lannister sigils all around. Or it could be Casterly Rock? Anyone remember the deceased Robb Stark’s last battle plan?

I love Cersei. I love Jaime more. And even though one or both may not survive the season, I hope Cersei kicks the Beggar Queen’s ass.


Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. I hate to admit it but yes, I did read the leaked scripts (Don’t judge me. It’s hard for some people). And even though it was incomplete, it would seem that the Northern storyline with which it was concerned with is accurate AF. And that is a shame, because it would have made for some great viewing for the first time on television. Actually, it still would have if I hadn’t read the scripts so, it’s on me.

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  1. Littlefinger is acting Littlefinger-y, something which does not bode well for the fraught relationship between Jon and Sansa.

Well, at least Jon got to elbow Littlefinger in the throat so, that’s a yayy.

  1. Arya is going solo, somewhere. My guess is North, to Winterfell but, it can’t be as easy as that, right?

  1. It would seem Melisandre has found her way to Dragonstone. After all her past shenanigans, I’d rather not have her anywhere nearby. Also, ten bucks on Melisandre going naked again this season.
  2. One complaint I always have with GoT trailers for the past few years is that they always find a way to include a brief making out/lovemaking/rape (Yes, THAT was rape) scene somewhere in the trailer. Game of Thrones, I get it that you needed those sexposition scenes to get viewers but, you don’t need them anymore. You don’t have to rely on them to get eyeballs. We’ll watch the show with or without them.

Also, was that Yara and Ellaria Sand?

  1. Barely any Tyrion, Jaime or Varys? Greyworm had more screen time in the trailer. Should I read too deep into this? And, no Bran or the White Walkers? Odd.
  2. Finally, in an age where trailers tend to spoil a lot of the plot, Game of Thrones didn’t. It did for anyone who read the leaked script but otherwise it didn’t.

Also, do Theon, Greyworm and Varys get to open their Former Men’s’ Support Group this season?

That’s my two cents.

I’ll be honest. I love the show and every time HBO cruelly teased us with motion posters and walking teasers, it frustrated me.

This trailer however, despite its fairly cliched structure, is as glorious as expected. Especially that final shot of the dragon flying high over the Khalasar. Holy Mother of all that is sweet and pure. July 16th cannot come soon enough.

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