It’s rightly said that there’s no love like that of a mother.

It’s conditional, selfless and you actually never even had to earn it. She pampers you right from the time you step into this world to the time she takes her last breath. And thus, she deserves everything amazing and more.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifting your mom a Hallmark greeting card but about setting time aside to show her your gratitude and affection. I know there are plenty of critics around the world who attribute the celebration of this day solely to commercialism, but I’m just going to tell them to bugger off, now.

So here are 6 ways you can make your mom feel special, this Mother’s Day:

Turn Your House Into A Mini Spa:

Riddle me this, who works 365 days a year without any pay or even a single day off?
The answer is a mother.
Never does she ask for any appreciation for her continuous efforts, nor does she frequently receives them.
So how about you make her sit back, massage her hair, light up a few incense sticks and give her a little aromatherapy.

Plan A Weekend Getaway:

According to an online study, an average woman spends 18 years of her life in the kitchen.
So how about you get her out of that gloomy space and treat her with some fresh air and an outing?

Take her parasailing or on a safari or on a road trip. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!
There’s a reason why Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, use it well!

Flashback Happy Days:

A trip down the memory lane can bring a smile even on the saddest faces! Because as soon as the nostalgia hits, the radiance on your mother’s face with floor you.

So take out those old home videos, her wedding videos, old photos and boil up a pot of tea and chatter up those old stories going!

Go Shopping With Her:

A woman’s love for shopping isn’t unbeknownst to anyone. It’s exciting and instantly gets the rhythm going. You can shop jewelry, clothing, shoes, bags and lots more.

The shopping spree should simply follow the ‘shop till you drop’ motto!


Charm Her With A Handmade Gift:

To know how much a person can love an ugly drawing of a flower vase with a poorly written birthday message on it, please contact my mother. She still holds dear to the greeting I made her when I was 5 years old.

I’m pretty sure a little help from YouTube and few glazed papers can accomplish a decent handmade greeting. Try this for learning to make a handmade greeting.

Bake The Cake:

To the countless times, you had one of those intense sugar cravings and she satiated them with delish laddoos, kheer (rice pudding), halwas, cookies, and cakes.
Now, I know there’s a good percentage of you guys who are absolutely clueless when it comes to cooking but you surely can bake a cake from these easy-bake cake mixtures that are so readily available in the market.
So pip pip!

The whole idea of celebrating Mother’s Day is to let your mother know that you care. Even I resonate with the idea of making moms feel special every single day of the year but due to conflicting schedules and our ever bustling lives, we hardly find any time for that.

So here’s a day for you. Set aside a few mom-hours this Sunday and acknowledge her love and support, any way you want!

Because nobody deserves it more than her.

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