Diabetes.bh: The Story Of Bahraini Youth Leading Diabetes Education In The Face Of A Public Health Crisis

“30% of the population in Bahrain is affected by diabetes, a serious threat to the public health agenda. The internet is a great platform for the dissemination of information (the diabetes) through education and awareness, and Bahrain is doing its part to make best use of it.”

– Hisham Shehabi, co-founder of Diabetes.bh

B M I (29)

Statistics show that the Kingdom of Bahrain has one of the highest rates of diabetes prevalence in the world. According to new figures released by the Ministry of Health, 15.4% of Bahrainis aged over 20 suffer from diabetes. Similarly, its gulf neighbors also rank amongst the highest affected populations in the world.


In order to change the conscience of people about diabetes and educate them in preventative measures, a group of young Bahrainis created Diabetes.bh, an open-source initiative through which people can improve diabetes care and prevention. Users have access to information about disease, complications, treatments, information about groups at risk, healthy lifestyles, most importantly support.



As part of the push to empower the public with knowledge, a new e-learning platform is being developed by the team at diabetes.bh. The program will enlist local ambassadors in different areas to create promotional and education digital content for public utility. Along with that, users will be prompted to complete a multi-step educational curriculum which then allows them to become part of the fellowship program at diabetes.bh.



In its push to further reach out to the public in Bahrain, Diabetes.bh has launched the Arabic version of the website, www.AlSokary.org, earlier this year. The available Arabic content on diabetes in Bahrain and the region is low, and this is a push to enrich the knowledge & tools at the disposal of the general public.



Launched in November 2012, the project achieved several recognitions, like the World Diabetes Day Champion recognition from the International Diabetes Federation, and was honored with the World Summit Youth Award 2013 in the category of Fighting Poverty, Hunger and Disease! Soon after the WSYA, Diabetes.bh received an award at the Arab eContent Awards.

See more at: http://youthaward.org/news/diabetesbh-story-bahraini-youth-leading-diabetes-education-face-public-health-crisis


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