Anand Pal Singh was shot dead by Rajasthan Police a few days ago. Rajput community is boiling since then, his family has refused to take the body and protests have become violent with people burning government cars and buildings.

This calls for a ED special Demystifier on what exactly the issue is.

Who Was Anand Pal?

Anand Pal was from a small village in Nagaur District. Tales have it that he was a very bright student and had completed his education. His parents wanted him to be a teacher or  join the army, while his area of interest was politics.

He married in the year 1992 and a story that does rounds is that he wasn’t allowed to ride a horse by Rajputs in the area. Apparently, he wasn’t a ‘pure’ Rajput, to which his friend Jeevanram Godara came to his aid.

Interestingly, Anand Pal killed this same friend because allegedly he killed a Rajput and raped his wife.

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The Encounter

Anand Pal was shot dead by police on 27th night. 6 bullets pierced his chest in cross firing and it is reported that 2 policemen got injured in the process.

Anand Pal 2
It is said that he fled because in prison his life was in danger.

Anand Pal was on a run since 2 long years and had 5 lakhs bounty oh him. It is said that he was giving rise to “gunda raj” and “illegal alcohol business” in the state and hence a trouble to the Rajasthan police.

The police tracked him down somewhere around Churu (a place in Rajasthan), surrounded the place he was taking refuge in and killed him in an encounter.

Why the protests?

Now, this seems like a movie story where the end is always arrest and then the death of the villain. However, there is a catch. Apparently, it is believed that Anand Pal was pushed into the criminal world.

According to a number of sources, Anand Pal had fought elections for Panchayat committee in his district in the year 2000 and won. When he fought elections for Panchayat head, he was defeated by 2 votes by a Congress leader.

It is said that the margin of 2 votes made the politician insecure about winning the next elections. The politician filed false cases against Anand Pal because of which he was tortured for a long time.

Over the years, this kept on going until a time when he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to speak against the evil. When law and order didn’t pay any heed, he took things in his own hands.

This is when in 2006, he allegedly joined hands with an established criminal gang. It is the same year when Anand Pal killed Godara, who had killed Madan Singh Rathore, an army officer and raped his wife.

This is one of the reasons why Anand Pal is being remembered as a martyr in the Rajput community. Also, the protestors are asking for a CBI investigation because according to them, evidences suggest that Anand Pal had surrendered.

It is stated by Rajputs that despite his surrender, he was killed just because he had vital information against a number of influential politicians. It is believed by the Rajput community that the encounter was fake and this in fact was a murder.

Anand’s family has refused to take his body, even after 5 days, in order to have a CBI investigation. Rajput community has decided to bring the protests to Delhi because the matter is being hushed in Rajasthan.

What happens next? We’ll have to wait to find out. From what it looks like, the protestors and the family aren’t ready to give up until a CBI investigation is called for.

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