6 Ways to Upgrade Your Property To A Luxury Home

Transitioning a ‘sort of’ high end property to the all-out luxury property market can be tough.

Luckily there are some key ways that you can upgrade your property to appeal to the discerning luxury property market and its demanding buyers.

We’ve picked six savvy ways to make a difference to your property and make a better sale.


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Install a personal gym

The installation of a personal gym is a great way to shift your property’s value from ‘quite nice’ to ‘wow’. The great thing about a personal gym is that it’s not that expensive to build and you don’t need as much space as you’d think to make a really effective and cool workout space. Here’s what you need to look out for when installing a personal gym to the property:

  • Quality flooring: you want something durable and easy to clean- a high-grade laminate is the ideal flooring for a gym space. Avoid carpet as it’s not that safe for working out on.
  • Natural light: windows and well thought-out lighting will make the gym look more professional. Make sure that you include plenty of spotlights.
  • A good quality, durable acrylic mirror (ones like this Simply Plastics Acrylic Mirror) should definitely be your key investment piece for the gym space. Acrylic mirrors last longer than glass ones, and they are easier to clean: perfect for a busy home gym.
  • Make sure the gym is hooked up to the property’s entertainment system as people will want music and TV when they are working out.

Gyms appeal to:

  • Fitness fanatics
  • Large families
  • Lifestyle advocates

Somewhere hot = swimming pool, somewhere cold = sauna & steam room

Water and bathing features are big on the luxury property market and for a good reason too: they sell houses.Water features keep whole families entertained and make for a great talking point.

If you are building or selling a property somewhere hot, an outdoor pool is a must. You want something ostentatious and show-stopping, not an oversized paddling pool. If it’s too cold for an outdoor pool, indoor pools are great too, but it might be worth upgrading to a sauna or steam room as well if you are building somewhere a bit chillier.

Upgrade package: What about a Jacuzzi as well as an infinity pool? Or a bit of a home spa as well as a sauna?

Think big with your kerbside appeal

Grandiose entrances sell luxury properties; in fact, a grand entrance often separates the big leagues from the rest. If you want a big price tag, you are going to have to work hard on your first impressions onwards. Think Doric columns, water fountains and a long windy drive studded with immaculately trimmed hedges. To help you think big, luxury property magazines and blogs should give you an idea of what to aim for. Check out this awesome Sotheby’s blog for some inspiration.

Invest in obvious big ticket security systems

The more expensive the investment, the more people will expect from their property’s security features. Some key property security features to consider:

  • Gates that open with keycards or passwords to restrict access to the property and grounds.
  • Lighting that comes on when approached, or that is automated on a timer system. Great for giving the appearance of people being at home even when the house is empty.
  • CCTV technology is getting cheaper and better all the time. Install cameras overlooking key property entrance areas and get an external security company involved in monitoring.
  • Sophisticated alarm systems are a must for any savvy luxury property developer- install alarm points throughout the house and grounds.

Don’t skimp on materials where they are on show

Don’t cut any design corners with cheap plywood or chipboard, as this will only put potential buyers off. People will expect to see luxury materials in their new luxury home so don’t disappoint them.  Opt for traditional luxury materials such as marble or hardwood or experiment with exciting and unique materials; just make sure all the materials visible to buyers and vendors scream luxury property. Bonus points for sourcing one of a kind building materials like Amazonian bedrock for that extra wow factor.

Home entertainment system & smart homes

Integrated home technology is a big luxury property seller, and is at the top of many gadget lover’s lust list. And we are not just talking about installing a surround sound home cinema (which is great too), but a home that runs on technology, using smartphone apps to control thermostats and lighting. Smart technology can help your potential buyers save money and live better lives. It’s certainly something they are ready to pay for. Get a home technology consultant involved during the fitting phase to see what they would recommend and use some exciting mock-ups to explain the benefits of technology to interested parties.

What is your favourite luxury property feature out of these six? Tell us what you think below.



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