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Chemical Engineering student at University of Waterloo. Movie fanatic, podcast addict, and runs on caffeine. Likes Loves pineapple on pizza. #Raptors2017Champs.

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4 Completely Cruelty Free And Affordable Indian Skincare Brands That You Need To Get...

Skincare is perhaps even more important and essential than any makeup could be. If you think makeup is art, then taking care of one’s skin...
Growing up

Growing Up – A Part of Life

Today, when all of us are struggling to cope up with our busy lives, let’s take out few minutes to relive the cherished (or...

One Month Later, The Clinical Establishment Act Does More Harm Than Good

Let’s take a look at how the Clinical Establishment Act has “helped” the health set-up: Incident 1: A critical patient is admitted to the ICU of...