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Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.

Must Read

In Manipur, These Women Have Kicked Out All The Men And There Is Nothing...

Manipuri women have something to tell everyone. The North-east is still a neglected region of the country - it is because of this ignorance, there...

The Chapati Movement of 1857: Watch How The Innocent Roti Terrified The British

Did you know that the innocent-looking chapati you had for lunch was once a symbol of the ingenious movement that had thrown the British...
Cringe Pop Millennials

Dhinchak Pooja, Taher Shah, And Other Cringe Pop Idols Who Took Millennials By Storm

We millennials are a generation which believes in enjoying things ironically. From our raging interest in dank memes to our special vocabulary when talking...