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Punjabi demeanor. Borderline introvert. Feminist. Amidst the hyperactive screamers, a patient listener. Big Bollywood Fan. Day-dreamer. Loves sexual innuendos. Budding Journalist. Sarcastic blogs are her thing. Follow her and you will know!

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Millennial Interns Need To Get A Reality Check: 4 Horror Stories Here

When one thinks of the ‘millennial generation’ the immediate things to come to mind are creative, rebellious, out of the box, walk their own...
comedy shows

Insult Comedy Or Just Insults: Indian Comedy Shows Please Move Beyond The Wrong Entry...

In March this year, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover had a fall out that gained excessive media attention. Kapil had allegedly hurled abused at...
Wimbledon Momentsvideo

The Top 5 Greatest Wimbledon Moments Of All Time (Video)

Wimbledon moments are just as special for the fans of the game as much as they are for the players. And for a history lesson,...