Apple 5SE Review – Apple’s New Family Member

It is all that we expected it to be. After apple decided to surprise its customers by introducing a new Iphone in March, I speculated that it is trying to do everything to retain its market share, and I think this just might work. While it also released the IPad pro  9.7 inch, just 4 months after launching the 12.9 inch version, with nothing to talk about actually. And the AMAZING nylon upgrades for the watch. What what? :o


Apple has released a truly powerful phone this time. “Chota packet bada dhamaka”. Why I say this is because this 4 inched screen phone will actually blow your mind away.

The Head

Apple 5SE runs on the A9 chip. Yes the chip that runs the 6S. And that comes with a better battery life. Although it has a less charge storage than 6S, but due to its smaller size the battery is bound to last longer.

The Eye

After a series of protruding camera lenses, this one’s camera stays inside the shell, relieving us from its wobbliness. With live 12 MP pictures and a 4K recording after 8 MP and 1080P it’s a big jump. It also has the popular Optical Image Stabilization feature of the 6S+.

The Crust

The body is designed beautifully, a very popular and widely accepted design of the Iphone, although a bit thicker for adjusting the camera, the body style is a treat.


The Price

Leaving all the other Iphones practically useless, the Iphone 5SE (16 GB) is expected at Rs 40,000 in India, while the 6S (16 GB) is itself sells at above that.

What I love about a 4 inch screen is that you can use it with one hand. I can drink a soda while texting my friend that I’m drinking a soda. Yeah, it’s my dream to text while drinking soda, don’t judge me.

Anyways, so we’re yet to see what this new phone brings to the Apple tree, spring or autumn. With the Iphone 7 expected to release in September, we’re yet to see if this fruit bears any new eaters. Will the graph of the Apple tree rise again? Find out in the next episode of Apple Bottom.


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