About Us

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to ED!

Awarded as the Top 10 Youth Blogs* on the web, ED is a team of quirky bloggers doing smart stories spiced with humour, sarcasm & spunk. It’s wit + wisdom.

We believe in creating responsible content and attempt at changing reading habits of young India.


Why ED? Why Youth Blog?

Paid media, sensational press, mindless content, non-change driven stories are flooding the internet, which satiates the need for entertainment but does not add value to the intellect.

Most of the content that is available today is extreme, be it sensational or mindless or biased or technical or serious.

This presses the need for SMART & QUIRKY content for the youth, which would help them form informed opinions on things that matters. And this is again critical as the youth is more connected today than ever in issues that matter to them as well to the community at large.

ED attempts to serve this need of intelligent content topped with dollops of fun!

ED strongly believes that if serious issues are presented in a witty/quirky format, then millennials can be made to change their content consumption habits into something worthwhile, thus making the society an informed one, beating the popular herd mentality and dangers of half knowledge.

ED’s team of bloggers are from the exact age group as the target audience and share similar needs, aspirations, likes, and dislikes as their readers. They are therefore ideally placed to understand the generation of millennials and how best to cater them.

Also, ED is something you should have in your life.

Like Nutella. So yum.

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We are on Apple News too.

*By Feedspot