9292 Women, 12 Hours, 20 ft. Stack: Telangana’s Bathukamma Event Enters Guinness Book

The newly formed state of Telangana has already garnered itself a brand new Guinness World Record for its native Bathukamma festival. Bathukamma is a festival that is celebrated during the culmination of monsoon, just before the arrival of winter.

Bathukamma entered the Guinness Book of World Records with over 9000 women from various parts of the state participating in the festivities. The event comprised of women singing folk songs with synchronising steps and claps around Bathukammas.



Bathukammas are 20-ft high stack of flowers that are creatively arranged in concentric layers.

The flowers used in Bathukamma are of great medicinal as well as purifying values. It is said that when Bathukamma flowers are immersed in water, the effect is the detoxifying of water and environment around it.

Within minutes of the event starting off, it was greeted with heavy rains and extremely bad weather. But even that couldn’t hold back the ever determined spirits of the participating 9,292 women who went on to celebrate the Maha Bathukamma cheerfully and sprightly.

Here I would also like to praise the management of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation for ensuring a smooth and well organised conduct of the event despite the unexpected increase in the number of participants and sudden rains which almost hampered the proper conduct of the festival.



The entire event lasted for 12 minutes with hundreds of people in the crowd cheering and applauding the women.

Guinness world record representative Jaisimha also congratulated the women and the efforts of the Telangana government on the achievement of making a world record with such a grand and successful event.

The event also witnessed the presence of tennis star and brand ambassador of the state – Sania Mirza who applauded the stunning display of colourful flowers and praised the women for making Bathukamma such a grand success.

And we would also like congratulate Telangana and the entire nation for achieving this honour. Anytime when our culture earns us recognition on an international platform, it’s a moment to rejoice for the entire country.

So Cheers Folks!

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