9 Similarities You Missed In Civil War And Dawn Of Justice


2016: The year that DC and Marvel decided they had so much in store that they needed to make money out of it. Marvel succeeded while DC went in reverse (like its name).

And yet both the stories were practically the same.

Here’s why:-


1) Suddenly, there’s discussion all around the world about how no one controls Superheroes, and that they should be made to abide the laws and held accountable for their actions. Because until now everyone was busy focusing on home issues like corruption and politics and stuff.

2) Our favourite Superhero isn’t himself. Either he started using guns, grew old and agitated, or became a depressed boyfriend who stopped making suits and developing his technology because his girlfriend thought he was overdoing it. Yeah, Pepper never liked the idea but wasn’t that over in Iron Man 1?

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3) The fact that people died while superheroes were saving them is more important than the fact that they saved the whole world, and those were all casualties they couldn’t avoid. But they themselves think that they did something extremely wrong, trying to save everyone else. I mean come on, have you guys no sense at all?


Gone are the times when superheroes were angry because the bad guys kidnapped their girlfriend. It’s the modern age now, girlfriends matter less than parents, and parents are the only sore point left with superheroes. Be it Iron Man’s mother, Batman’s Superman’s mother, mother. WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!

5) The fight is created just as a diversion to the main villain’s plot, who’s out there and needs to be dealt with. Ding ding ding ding ding

6) A new all time favourite, who rocked the trailers, and everyone smashed their head on seeing them, is introduced. i.e. Spiderman and Wonder Woman.


7) Everyone is still friends in the end, no one dies. As for superman, he’ll come back.

8) There are hints about movies about to come based on all the other superheroes in the universe, along with indications of where it’s all leading to, ie. Infinity War and Dawn of the Justice League.


9) The Villain is not killed; instead he’s put into a high security jail, because VENGENCE IS BAD.

Well to be honest, we don’t need another Spiderman, and I was hoping for Amazing Spiderman 3 with Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane. Never really cared about Superman but Ben Affleck and Guns completely destroyed the Batman I love. Hope it gets better in the upcoming movies.

If you found any other similarities, do tell in the comments.

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