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I have forever been keenly interested in crime stories, I don’t know why particularly. Their details intrigued me; watching detectives cracking a case bestowed on me a euphoric energy to chase the truth till the end with them. Talk to me about serial killers, I am game.

From what I have noticed, a very interesting case detail commonly is the location of the crime, where the dead body has been found. More often than not, they are found murdered on floors or in bathtubs, shot to the head and abandoned in a deserted place hoping to be undiscovered.

Yet sometimes, the gruesomeness of some crimes doesn’t end there. In an attempt to dispose a dead body even more discreetly, murderers often resort to extreme solutions to hide it.

Here’s rounding up the most bizarre places a dead body has been found, in more than one instance:

1. Closets


I really didn’t anticipate how many results would pop up if I googled ‘closet dead bodies’. But it seems to be pretty popular furniture for murderers to use while hiding their victims!

Among the dozen cases in 2016 alone that caught my intrigue, one is that of Latrice Randolph who was murdered by her boyfriend and stuffed in her bedroom closet. Following which, he and his brother lived in the apartment for 2 days with the dead body!

2. Freezer


Every crime show has at least one episode where they find a dead body in a freezer. And it is not such a rare occurrence in real time either!

Though reports of dead bodies found in freezers have frequented the news few and far between, a horrifying case reported from France this March was that of five dead babies! Unbelievably, one of them had been born within 48 hours.

Though the father reported the case, both the parents were arrested and the mother was rushed to the hospital. While he faces a breakdown since discovering an infant in a cooler bag, she has been admitted to a psychiatry ward.

3. Hotel Beds


A very popular urban legend is that of a tourist couple in Las Vegas detecting a foul odor in their hotel rooms and lodging a complaint, only to find a decomposing dead body stuffed inside bed frames. The notion alone does enough to creep you out about funny smell hotel rooms, but it’s no legend.

Among several reports, one shocking incident was reported from New Jersey in 2014 when a decomposing old dead body was discovered under a hotel bed by the guest who had bent over to pick up a remote.  How long was the dead body there? 5 years!

4. Walls


It’s not an uncommon scene in horror movies to witness the breaking down of a hollow wall and find a decomposed body inside. Shockingly, it’s not very surprising outside movies either. Several criminals have tried to bury dead bodies inside concrete, which appears to be quite foolproof, and failed. Obviously, we cannot really tell how many got away.

One man who did get away was James Nichols of New York. After he died of natural causes, aged 82 this year, a cleaning contractor was reported to have found bones behind a false basement wall. On examination, it was discovered to be of his wife JoAnn Nichols who was reported missing since 1985.

Cause of death: blunt force to the head… He had hidden her dead body in a wall for 30 years!

5. Cars


As often as people die in car accidents, and therefore found inside them, several creepy incidents of people being found dead and decomposing in cars give you the chills. For example, two people were found dead in Richmond, New Zealand in an isolated car, in July this year, which did not appear to be in a crash!

Creepier still are car trunks. Another classic location from crime shows, here is a shocking incident from many to be found: Tonya Slaton was asked to pull over by some police officers in Richmond, Virginia after which her car was searched.

Retrieved from her car trunk was a big black trash bag containing the dead body of her son Quincy Jamar Davis! He was reported missing for 11 years!

That’s about the top 5. Other runner ups? Elevators, water tanks, sewers, cubicles, stairwells, and where not! You can never know what’s hiding in plain sight.

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