4 Times Indians Proved They Lack Unity

India is a very diverse and varied country.

It is like one of those tables at school, which has a kid from practically every status quo, and usually the teacher or someone else has made them sit that way.

Now, one thing I have noticed is that, on practically every international platform, we Indians just love to boast of the fact that even with having so much diversity, we are all still so united.

It almost feels like a Karan Johar film moment, and then later, we all will dance to ‘Bole Chudiyan’ like one big happy family.

But it is interesting to note, that no matter how much of an united and happy front we might show in front of others, just like any family, we too have our bouts of disturbances, fights and sometimes even downright hatred.

In those times, there is no sign of the unity that we carry around like a board on our shoulders.

Here I present to you, the 4 times Indians proved that they lack unity:

1. Pakistan Actor Ban:

Ok, you all had to know that this would come in, in this list.

It is disconcerting how much time and effort is being given to a mere ban of a few actors, for just some time.

And Indians, are more than happy to spend time defending it and calling out for the poor actors who have been banned, instead of, at least for a little while, standing united with their country.


2. When It Comes To Religion:

Religion is apparently more important than one’s nation these days.

Nothing against it, one is free to be as passionate about their religion as one wants to be, but I have seen that when it comes to religion or nation, then it sort of goes:

Religion > Nation

3. Salman Khan:

Yes, our bhai has the power to completely divide the country into 3 parts, the bhai- bhakts, who think their God can do no wrong.

The 2nd are the haters, who, even if Salman cured cancer tomorrow, would still find something wrong in him.

And the 3rd are the audience people, who are just there for the entertainment.

4. During Election Times:

Apart from all that, perhaps the strongest division is during election season, when even family members turn against each other.

Last time it was Modi versus Kejriwal, where it was either a lotus or a jhaadu.

*yeah, sorry Congress you were even still not in the running, but hey, you did provide us a lot of laughs*


Tell us what other agendas divide our nation to embarrassment. We will be happy to add them to the list.

Image Credits: Google Images

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