When it comes to hygiene, instantly the western countries take the high ground to show how much better in sanitation they are from the developing or third world countries.

India in popular western media is known for 3 things: cows, slums and people pooping on the roadside.

And while those are not entirely false, but the thought that western societies have better sanitation sense than the Asian countries is also not completely true.

The fact that till yet, public washrooms in western countries like UK and US do not have water jets or bidets (handheld triggered nozzle that sprays water) installed is one of the biggest signs of how bad their poop hygiene really is.

In fact, it has even been scientifically proven that just cleaning with toilet paper, that most American and UK people use, is more unhygienic than you’d think.

Now, let us take a look at why using water by spray or jet is infinitely more hygienic than toilet paper:

US Is Especially Adamant Against Having Clean Anuses

While it seems that most western people are completely fine with pointing out the shortcomings of Indian and Asian countries, calling us backward and other stereotypes, they are not as willing to understand how their own sanitation or toilet hygiene is not the best.

According to a study by Kohler, known mostly for its plumbing and toilet products like sinks, basins, toilets etc, found that although demand for their ‘intelligent toilets’ had increased by 50% in the last 3 years but still about 53% of Americans remain reluctant to use bidets or jet sprays.

And even the people who are asking for such kind of toilets belong to the high-end sector and not the middle class.

In India, you can find a bidet or jet spray in practically every single washroom including the public ones. Around 60% Japanese houses have the most high-tech toilet wash features that include heated seats, perfume being sprinkled after washing, water coming out of the jet at different speeds and angles and more.

Even the lack of water sprays is limited only to the UK, while areas like Spain, Greece and Italy have a more prominent culture of using water in toilets to wash away and as per a survey about 90% of houses there contain a bidet in the washroom.

Toilet paper, in fact, is not only unhygienic but also harmful for the sensitive area around the anus as the continuous dry scrapping of the paper can lead to urinary tract infections and getting anal fissures, as per doctors.

It has also been found by several doctors and experts that wiping with just toilet paper does not effectively remove the fecal matter and instead leaves a lot of it around that can further result in infections and an unhygienic environment.

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Asian Countries Ahead In Toilet Hygiene

One thing that still puzzles me is how exactly are the western people judging and in certain cases also mocking the poop hygiene of our countries when they are still living amongst germs.

It’s not only the concept of lacking water jet sprays in the toilet but also using cloth or toilet seat covers made of soft materials on a daily basis.

Doing so, makes that the toilet seat cover a hotbed of germs and bacteria that come from things like residual fecal matter, urine drops, sweat and other things that can lead to severe infections and diseases.

Also washing with a jet spray using hands is 10 times more environmentally friendly than using tissue paper each time you use the toilet. Imagine the amount of paper that is being wasted and at certain times also clog the toilet when overused.

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Sources: The Independent, HuffPost, Tonic 

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