Shashi Tharoor was recently arrested, but not for the reason you might have in mind, which would be the untimely death of a certain someone from a pretty posh hotel in Delhi.

Instead, it was to protest the ‘fall of law and order in the state’ especially in light of the double murder that happened in Kannur district.

The district is already quiet politically sensitive with clashes between the Sangh Parivar and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) occurring frequently.

The current volatile situation of the area has allowed Congress to come out and do the thing it as an opposition is supposed to do and that is to go on a ‘quiet protest’.

Thus, MP Shashi Tharoor, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala and more such Congress leaders were arrested around noon today on Tuesday while they were holding a protest at the Secretariat.

shashi tharoor was arrested

What Happened?

According to Tharoor’s own Facebook post, the group was going to be holding a peaceful protest as Chennithala was displeased with the government’s inability to uphold the law and order and wanted that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to resign from his position for not being able to do much on his part.

Chennithala was quoted saying that, “Both the CPI (M) and the BJP are killing parties. Both the parties are a curse.”

The protest was not just against the political killings but also custodial deaths and alleged police brutality under the LDF government as stated in another one of Tharoor’s Facebook post.

Apparently, as per sources, the United Democratic Front that is in collaboration with the opposition parties also conducted protests in other district headquarters.

It is yet not known exactly why the protesters were arrested and if they have been let out or not, although Chennithala had tweeted about 3 hours ago about his arrest and the inadequacy of the Home Department.

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What Is The Situation In Kannur

The double murders of Kannur have created a tense situation that started first when on Monday CPI (M) leader Babu Kannappoyil was hacked to death by a group whose members have till yet not been identified.

As expected clashes started fueled from the earlier killing between the RSS-BJP activists and CPI(M) workers. In the midst of all this, another BJP worker Shamoj was attacked brutally but unfortunately, he died while he was being rushed to the Kozhikode Medical College hospital.

All this in a matter of few days has made for a turbulent scenario and brought on various other parties to the spotlight who are fighting for who is right.

Even Oommen Chandy, who was the previous Chief Minister has commented on this and stated that some legislation should be created in order to prevent such political killings.

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor and other leaders were released from custody pretty quickly, something that he proudly tweeted about too.

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Sources: The News Minute, Firstpost, Mathrubhumi 

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