One cannot deny that Delhi is full of various entitled people who have no problem showing off their connections believing they can do anything.

Whether it be the AIIMS incident last year where Gurpreet Singh a young man in his 20s was allegedly killed by a man just because he told him not to smoke, or following women in their cars and more, such incidents are commonplace in the capital of India.

But it was this Facebook post by Amita Chhabra who used to work with NDTV till recently, that really shows what’s happening in Delhi. She recounts what happened when 2 boys in a car followed her from Pacific Sports Complex in N-Block G.K. 1 till the BRT and how it ended:

On Saturday night (midnight of 12-13th May) around 12.45 am I was driving back from a dinner with friends in south Delhi. I stopped at the N-block red light waiting for it to turn green, 2 boys in a car next to me were looking in curiously. I was alone on the street as they continued to stare in – and even though I thought nothing of it in the beginning, it made me uncomfortable as I waited for the signal to turn green.

Even after the light turned green they didn’t move. Seems they were waiting for me to turn left or right and then follow me. As soon as I turned left onto the BRT, they sped towards me, bumped my car slightly and sped away. I instantly felt uneasy and called my husband to immediately come to where I was. Luckily, our home is just around the corner from this spot and I knew he would be there in no time. These boys waited ahead for my car to pass (I saw them as I passed) but then at great speed they came and swerved in front of my car, parked sideways so I couldn’t pass.

They could have rammed into my car hitting and injuring me severely. Thank God, that didn’t happen. But what happened next was beyond crazy. Not only did they block my way – one of the boys got out holding a wicket in hand and started gesturing me to get out of the car and screaming… ’bahar nikal, bahar nikal’ he keep shouting.

Not wanting to get into an altercation, I reversed and tried to go from the side…but the second boy now jumped out from the passenger side, also with wicket in hand, and was screaming and telling me to get out. Both the number plates (back and front) were covered with a cloth so no one could see the number.

Just then I saw my husband approach and I got out of the car and told the boy it was unacceptable for him to think he could harass me just because he thought I was alone!

There was much screaming in which he was threatening my husband “because we didn’t know who his father was” (a superintendent at a jail it seems!, we got to know as he pulled out his father’s visiting card)

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A crowd immediately started to gather and some VERY GOOD DECENT boys (God bless them and their families – Akul Syal, Ranjeet Singh Sidhu and G S Bedi – cannot thank you enough ) stopped to help and noticed the covered number plates and started getting angry with the boys.

The superintendent’s son then tried to make a run for it but was stopped and the key of the car taken away. Many people had gathered by now, some even whacking these boys for their horrendous behaviour- I started calling the cops to come and tried in vain for 45 minutes- 6 calls were made 6 different people spoken to – all of whom pretended they had no idea where Moolchand, Chirag Delhi, BRT, Archana or anything were and so couldn’t come … one of the boys kept calling too – incessantly for almost an hour when finally they turned up (in answer to his call– still not mine!)

The crowd was as angry with the cops as they were with the boys. The cops then stood around arguing with each other about whose jurisdiction this comes under !!!! Absolute madness!

Finally, the boys were taken to N block police station where the cops wanted to just let them go. But we insisted that we wanted to file and FIR. Which we did and will be going to court on Wednesday.

I would not have been able to live with myself if I allowed them to get away with this – they were roaming the streets of Delhi with covered number plates and carrying wickets! Clearly signs of wanting to making trouble. What gives them a feeling of superiority is knowing they can get away with something like this. Displaced power! 

They would only do it again and again if not brought to task !

Today with me. Tomorrow with someone who may not have help close by or be lucky enough to have some wonderful boys stop to help. One of them actually sweetly came up to me – during the 3-4 hours this continued for – and said “Happy Mother’s Day, Aunty”. They stayed with us through the ordeal and have even offered to come to the court on Wednesday if we need witnesses. 

Everyone. Please read and share – with friends – women, kids – make sure your drivers who drive your kids back from parties know NEVER to stop even if someone hits you. Come home and check the damage.

Nothing is worth it … stay safe. But don’t stay quiet. Please.

I especially agree with Ms. Chhabra’s last point of not getting out of your car or stopping. It only further allows the wrong person to get a hold of you easily.

Instead, try and get to home and then contact authorities with whatever information you might have.

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