One thing that I really dislike about humans is their capability to make a joke out of anything, anybody, and anytime, anywhere. Same jokes repeated, again and again, form a stereotype.

Some famous stereotypical jokes on Marwaris

I am a Marwari, from West Bengal. Might sound weird to many, and here is where I confirm that each one of us has some prior judgment towards everything in life, and also, that most of our stereotypes are factually incorrect.

When I first entered DU, this is the question that was forever thrown at me, “If you’re from Bengal, how are you a Marwari? Nah, you’re a Bengali.”

Let’s get this clear:

Yes, Marwari did initially mean a person from Marwar, in Rajasthan. But guys, people can migrate. Back in the days, a lot of migration did take place from Marwar to other places, especially the North and North East, mainly for “business purposes”.


Yes, “Business Purposes”, the second stereotype must have struck you already. I’ve come across a lot of people who are of the undisputable opinion that all Marwaris are men inseparable from the business.

We do not force our own kind to do business. We just know for a fact that a person brought up with a business background (where usually there isn’t a tight restrictive salary budget per month) will have an easier life if inclined towards business. Other than that, nobody is stopping you to do something “creative”, and here I speak on behalf of the whole Marwari family.


The judgment that we are money minded misers with the “kharcha kam, kamai zyada” attitude, is such a huge mistake. The only example I can think of is our splendid, exquisite weddings. Yes, we do spend a lot on our weddings and I do not think that’s wrong. Some of us like it grand, you see.


Daal-baati-churma, bhujia etc., are not our staple diet. Just like Chole Kulche and Aloo ke
Parathe are not yours, Delhiites. You should be thankful to us, we created such wondrous delights such as ‘bhujia’, that goes along with anything, even your ‘Aloo paratha’. Also, big bellies are not a sign that says ‘MARWARI’.


Besides, Ghee is good. You should try it somebody instead of your patent makkhan.

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Another frequently heard misconception is that Marwari families are conservative. Well, I am sure we stand no behind in this case than where entire India stands. Sex is considered a taboo in India, not only among Marwaris.

Condoms and periods are not spoken of openly yet, anywhere. Such a derogatory comment coming from people cast in the same mould doesn’t quite make sense. What I can say here is, just as India is progressing, we are too.

It’s not like our girls are kept within the walls of her home. Our very own CEO from ED times, Miss Juhi Garg, is a Marwari as well.

Child Marriage doesn’t depend on whether you’re a Marwari or not. Rather, it happens in villages more than cities

When I type “Marwari woman CEOs” on Google, pictures of weddings and traditional wears and jewelry come instead. It might be hilarious to few, but pondering on it for some while, it’s really sad and pathetic.

Marwaris shouldn’t be defined by their wedding culture. We are much more than that. Finally, it all depends on how much of urbanization and modernization has reached you, and not what your caste is.

Jokes are all great and fun but let’s not take it to levels where our minds are filled with illogical stereotypes. Instead of giving in to such stereotypes and constructing even more of them, it’s time now that we start breaking them and broadening our minds.

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