When it comes to public speaking, our politicians should never be approached, seeing the long list of flubs and mistakes they have made while giving statements.

And most often than not, it is when talking about women and their issues that their foot seems to find its way to their mouth.

Whether it be blaming ‘chowmein’ for rape, justifying rape as ‘boys make mistake’ or now the latest example being that of Goa CM Manohar Parrikar, who said:

I have begun to fear now, because even the girls have started drinking beer. So barrier of that tolerance limit is being crossed… Not all of them. I am not referring to this crowd. I am just referring…”

What Happened?

The entire matter started a couple of days when CM Parrikar, addressed some students on Friday, for the State Youth Parliament organized for the first time by the Legislature Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa.

The CM talked about his earlier college days at IIT Mumbai, about how drugs were not a new phase and instead have existed for quite some time especially among students.

Then he stated how during his school time too, students would get objectionable or pornographic material and laugh about it.

Then for what reason that is unknown, the CM decided to make the statement that he was afraid since even girls have apparently started to consume alcohol.

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What Is Kota Neelima Doing?

Kota Neelima is a political author who was recently targeted in the midst of the Padmaavat controversy by the Karni Sena people for writing a column on DNA newspaper that talked about abuse and violence that women of Rajasthan face.

She also highlighted the irony and hypocrisy of the men of the state to carry out countrywide protests fighting for an ancient queen, instead of working for the betterment of the currently alive women.

She was directly threatened by the group to not attend the Jaipur Literature Festival and told to apologise if she wanted to do so.

Now, Neelima has once again taken an initiative regarding the wrong statement given by CM Parrikar, first by tweeting simply in reply to an article about the statement and then finally, today, she tweeted about a letter she sent him asking everyone to join her and fellow men and women of Goa and enjoy a glass of beer together with the CM at his residence.

Her tweet was even retweeted by Dilip Cherian, and seems to, for the most part, request the CM in a polite way to join the event in order to alleviate his fears of women drinking.

She has even addressed the Delhi people or those who cannot be there physically, to show solidarity, by raising a glass of beer at the Goa Sadan at 5 pm on the decided date.

To be honest, this seems like a very good initiative taken in a comparatively polite manner to have the CM see the flaw in his statement.

As a CM, he has considerable power over the laws and policies of the state and his current mindset could bring about policies that are not in light of equality.

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Sources: Twitter, HuffPost, Indian Express

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