Logan Paul, a person who attained massive fame from the viral Vine app has recently come under major negative backlash for posting a vlog (video blog) that featured a dead person in it.

Paul while filming a vlog in Aokigahara, the famous Japanese forest also known as the ‘suicide forest’, accidentally came across the body of a suicide victim.

The problem came in when instead of shutting down filming, Logan continued to record and even made some hurtful comments regarding the dead body by saying, “what… you’ve never stood next to a dead guy?”

His Idiotic Apology

If it wasn’t enough that Logan filmed, edited and then uploaded that stupid video, after the backlash he posted an apology to the internet at large. It went something like:

Now there are a couple of things that bothered me about his apology.

First, it is justifying the actions too much when clearly it was not an impulsive decision. The man had more than enough time to film that video, see it and even after knowing about its content decide to upload it. Unlike a hastily written tweet or photo that is accidentally posted, there is no justification really for his actions.

However his statement that “I’ve made a 15 minute TV show every single day for the past 460+ days. One may understand that its easy to get caught up in the moment without fully weighing the possible ramifications. I am often reminded of how big a reach I truly have and with great power comes great responsibility …” gives almost a boastful vibe as if reminding how big of a celebrity he is.

Can someone teach these stars on how to actually apologise for their wrongdoings? In one apology Logan justified his acts, talked about he got views on his ‘poor little accidental video’ and then went on to talk about how influential and powerful he is. Right.

Although, his video afterwards was marginally better, wherein he even asked those defending him not to and that he is not justifying and is simply sorry for all the havoc caused, but the damage had already been done and his subsequent apology no matter how good did not really matter since he made the decision to upload that video in the first place.

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Why Is No One Pointing Out The Friends In The Background?

Most of the people are blasting Logan and rightly so since he is the face of that channel and it is HIS video that is being filmed.

But why are not we taking a look at his idiotic and cheap friends who did not stop him even once from filming the video?

When one of his friends stated in shock and laughter in her voice that they “found a dead body” all Logan could do was make an incredulous face as if saying ‘I know!”, burst out into laughter and said “yep, what the f***”.

Back up a second and let us focus on the friends. Let us pass over Logan and say that he got too swept up with thinking how this video was going to break the internet and focus on how his otherwise normal friends did not for once even try to stop the recording or say that ‘this is wrong, don’t film it’.

I also fail to understand why they couldn’t convince Logan to not post the video at all and just delete it or at the very least keep it to themselves.

Another thing I wanted to point out would be that his fans need to stop defending him and I’m glad that Logan also asked them to stop doing that. His fans should realize how he can affect the current generation and the millions of people watching him. If he has done something wrong then he should do the right thing and take responsibility and his fans should not stop that.

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