The new year has brought good news to meme lovers and meme-making enthusiasts in the form of Anant Ambani. His speech at the 40th anniversary of Reliance Industries has gone viral, although for all the wrong reasons. He has been hilariously trolled and mocked and comments are flooded with him being compared to Rahul Gandhi as the boy with a powerful name who fell short of expectations.

But let’s take a step back and not get swayed by the troll-erant crowd.

Let’s assess his speech, analyze the probable reasons behind its apparent debacle-like delivery, take a good look at the events which led to it and further note that why we’re a generation which quickly points fingers and acts like bullies instead of empathizing with people.

Off we go:

#1. The Hue And Cry Over Anant’s Massive Weight Loss:

When Anant Ambani drastically lost his weight (He weighed 108 kg) in just 18 months, the media went crazy. Undoubtedly due to the Ambani name’s influence, the weight loss was much publicized as celebs came to congratulate Anant for his decision and his hard work.

Conversely, the media was quick to make suspicions and point fingers again that Anant Ambani had undergone extensive surgeries but no one really asked WHY NOW? No one made an attempt to notice that the son of India’s richest man might have had major health issues and low self confidence issues which he decided to overcome via his massive weight loss.

It can be asserted that Mr. Mukesh Ambani (who also had major weight issues and is largely recognized as an introvert) was trying to channelize a positive example for his son to take up a healthy lifestyle as his father did. Add that to the fact that the limelight is always on Anant as compared to his siblings, it only makes sense that his parents are extremely supportive of him and they pushed their son’s story forward as an inspiring example to help him get his groove.

#2. The Manner Of Speech And Anant Ambani’s Body Language:

Again, we’re quick to judge that the speech was bad but there are no questions on WHY the speech was terrible and what was Anant probably going through at the time of delivering the speech in front of thousands of people.

Anant Ambani looked at the prompter way too frequently. He had power in his voice but he looked like he was over-using it. He emphasized on places where it wasn’t required, hence Nita Ambani had to stand up and lead the applause when none came. If these are not signs of a young man who is just trying to nervously make his first real public speech, what are?

He got visibly nervous as the speech went on without applause where he expected it. His voice got louder and thus lost its depth as it progressed.

Anant Ambani

Quick rewind, again: For a person who is not known to be a public speaker, who’s known to have been under constant media scrutiny and for him to make a speech at a celebratory event should be labeled as an act of courage and not mocked.

And why shouldn’t it be hailed? Just because Anant is rich so you automatically assume that everything in his life is hunky-dory? The dynamic changes when you realize that anyone other than Anant would’ve been lauded but people apparently obsess over his last name and jump to conclusions which are grotesque and reek of their own insecurities.

And take note that similar to Dhinchak Pooja and Rahul Gandhi, facing the world is an achievement in itself because any action is better than mere inaction and stagnancy.

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#3. Blame The Speech Writer, Not Anant:

As much as the final output counts, it’s the guys who work on the output that matter more. Here, the speech writer made a terrible mistake as he botched the only one job he had, i.e., write a decent public address.

The speech sounded haywire and cheesy AND THERE IS NO REASON to blame Anant for that. I’m sure he’d have done better had he written the speech on his own as his evident lack of oratory skills was amplified by the terrible writing quality.

#4. Let’s Be Normal, For A Change:

This negative attention towards Anant indirectly qualifies as bullying. We speak highly of our awareness of health issues, anxiety, self esteem issues, etc. but we are considerate only as long as they are problems of the middle class. The rich, ironically enough do not have the luxury of being faulty or even unwell.

But boy, Anant Ambani does have a lot on his plate. He has problems which we may not relate to and are a rich guy’s problems but they are existent. The immense media and public scrutiny are enough to make anyone feel even more conscious so it’s best if we relax a little. Harmless banter and humor is still okay but the fact that we degrade a person based on his socio-economic status is absolutely stupid.

All eyes are on him and every movement of Anant and truth to be told, the media cannot just wait for him to make more and more errors.

For us as the rational citizens of this nation, it’s about damn time we learn to be observant, considerate, empathetic and a little less insecure of the ones born with a silver spoon.

Work your way up morally, folks.

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