Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD) is a movie that belongs to a different class. I am a big YJHD fan.

And what makes YJHD stand apart according to me, is how well it was able to work on various subplots simultaneously. The millennials way of approaching love, career, friendships was done so well that this film made a special place in everyone’s heart and never left.

But in the process of being in awe of Naina’s (Deepika Padukone) nerdiness, Bunny’s (Ranbir Kapoor) wanderlust job, and Aditi’s (Kalki Koechlin) sassiness, we forgot that we actually need a friend like Avi or Avinash (Aditya Roy Kapur).


Out of the four, the character of Avinash or Avi is the only one to whom we can relate with the most. For me, he was the most real character, the perfect friend or Indian Joey Tribbiani with flaws.

He just shines through the movie with a glaring display of his weaknesses and shortcomings.

He has a “till death do us part” kind of love towards both of his best friends. He was the kind of friend who would stick by your side no matter what.

He will be your partner in crime and be part of all your mad endeavors. The kind of friend who would always have your back.

He is a happy-go-lucky person who is a massive flirt at heart and to him, friendship is the only thing that matters.

Aditya’s Roy Kapur perfect portrayal of Avi’s character makes it really easy for us to look for parts of ourselves in him.

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Avinash in this movie is like that particular friend who fails at life. He is an alcoholic and spends most of his money gambling away at Aditi’s wedding.

His bar is running in debt of around 25 lakhs and he has no concrete source of earning. Well, a lot of first world problems have been showcased through this character.

All of his other friends are doing pretty good but not him. But all these failures never make him jealous towards his friends.

All he craved for is their acceptance and the same love he showers them with.

He was bitter with Bunny for leaving him behind or not being a part of his life journey downhill or for not knowing what’s going on his life, but he never stood in the way of his dreams. Inspite his failures, he very much knew every detail of Bunny’s success.

Such unconditional support makes me wonder what all I would give to have a friend like him.


We all are guilty of taking some decisions that hurt our best friends. And after those decisions, life is not the same for any of us.

But eventually, our friends come of age and understand us, for what we are and what we did. These particular dialogues are the moment of enlightenment for Avi too.

Saale, apne dollar se mujhe kharid raha hai. Itni sasti nhi hai meri dosti. Mujhe tere paise nhi chaiye bunny. Daaru pee mere saath.”

This is where he understood all the things Bunny did and accepted him for it. Now I know, this is only a movie with just another character. But how much this movie and especially Avi, influences your thinking regarding your friendships, is amazing.

It signifies that sometimes a pint of beer is what all you need to bury the hatchet with your buddies.

For me, Avi’s character was a superb human being with his own flaws, like all of us.

If any of you have a friend like him in real life, never let them go because only friends like him make our jawani more deewani.

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