What comes to your mind when I say corner sweet shop?

Well, for Delhiites I can safely that the answer will probably be Aggarwal Sweet India. One can literally find an Aggarwal Sweet India shop about say every 10 km and they are all built in a similar manner serving really lost cost food and sweets for as long as I can remember.

However, unlike a Haldiram or Bikaner, it is extremely surprising that not a lot of people have actually tried to find out exactly what Aggarwal Sweet India is and what is the history behind them.

aggarwal sweets india

It seems we are ever ready to find out more about a McDonalds or a Dominos even though they are international franchises, however, we’d know little about our own shops that have been operating for generations.

Even Haldiram for that matter has only recently caught the attention of people and it is only now that people are writing about it more.

We have even written an article here about how Haldiram might be more successful than both McDonalds and Dominos combined: How Haldiram’s 2016 Revenue Took Over McDonald’s & Domino’s

But what exactly do we know about this big fast food chain?

While there is not much in detail that we know about Aggarwal Sweet India, there are a couple of facts that we do know about them:

1. Extremely Old:

One can easily say that Aggarwal Sweet India has been around for more than 40 to 50 years if not more. That is at least half a century that they have been around and yet very little is known about this decades-old chain of shops.

2. Affordable For All Classes:

Unlike Haldiram, which has now reached a stage of being just this side of pricey, Aggarwal Sweet India has consistently maintained quite affordable rates on all their foods and sweets.

Which allows for all classes, whether the lower middle class or the elite class to enjoy some good food there without worrying about sky-high prices.

3. Easy To Find:

Just like the ATM of banks, that can be found every few kilometers, same can be said for Aggarwal Sweets that is extremely easy to find what with it having multiple branches across the city.

They are so easy to find and are so recognizable that many times when giving directions, people just say ‘across from Aggarwal Sweets’ or ‘near Aggarwal Sweets’.

However, there is a peculiar point about Aggarwal Sweet India, which would be that they mostly can be found at the corner place of busy marketplaces across Delhi.

You should probably know that the corner position is prime real estate and is considered to be extremely expensive and not easy to find since any business will always opt for the corner place if given the chance.

Have to give props to their business model, because there is about a 2% probability of a shop getting the corner location and that too when they have so many outlets. And even after that, for a majority of them to be on corner locations is practically unheard of.

And on top of it all not only have they acquired these corner locations, but have kept them over the years all the while maintaining a certain profitable business that we can see from the mass crowds that are always frequenting the establishments.

Especially considering that unlike Haldiram that is a family owned franchise, we do not really know much about the history of Aggarwal Sweet India.

One has to wonder, whether it is all run by one family or is every shop owned by a separate family, or whether it is just the common nature of the surname ‘Aggarwal’ that has worked to create so many shops of a similar nature.

And what is the deal with these shops, can anyone open an ‘Aggarwal Sweet India’, is there any type of copyright on this name or brand that has been built over the years or what?

These are questions that need to be answered and who knows, perhaps we might even give them a call in order to truly find out the history behind the iconic ‘Aggarwal Sweet India’.

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