Kaalakaandi the next offering from the maker of Delhi Belly is definitely making waves with people due to its completely crack-feel kind of trailer and being one of the few movies to venture into black comedy.

The first song of the movie ‘Swagpur Ka Chaudhary’ was launched today and went live on YouTube and already is getting some pretty good reviews.

The first song of the movie has a lot of expectations set on it since it gives us a more in-depth look into how the movie will be, a look at the characters and well obviously tells us whether it will be the next viral song being played at every club, disco, Bollywood night, weddings and more or not.

After seeing all the hype around this upcoming movie I was a bit intrigued as to how the music would fare and well, my expectations were met and more. But first, listen to the song here and then come back for my reaction:

Very Different Music Styles

Unlike the basic Punjabi beats, along with a rapper and a sexy dancer, the music video and song both give us something new and unique to look it.

The music style itself, a break beat meets funk rock track which is complemented with a psychedelic kind of video featuring the entire cast is a real joy to listen to.

The western and upbeat vibe of the song paired with desi and relatable lyrics make the song extremely easy to sing along to and even easier to dance your heart out to.

The song has been sung and written by Akshay Verma (no, not the director, that is AKSHAT Verma) and composed by Sameer Uddin.

The director very well explained the process behind making this song as, “The song really came about through the very unique talents of Akshay and Sameer. Akshay’s specific lyrics and vocals bring a certain attitude and authenticity to the song. Sam then took these lyrics and married them to a tune and a groove that were an entirely unexpected bed for these vocals. The lyrics make the song feel really rooted, but the composition and production open it up and make it feel more international.”

He even went on to say that, “What I find really exciting about this song is that something like this could only be an Indian rock song. Even in its newness, it couldn’t have originated from anywhere else.”

Certainly high hopes for the song, but after listening to it almost 3-4 times, I can say that it is quite a unique song to listen to.

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Why I Think It Is The Perfect Year End Song?

There are a couple of things that really interested me about the song, one would be the lyrics, it is quite millennial in nature and feel, the funk vibe of the song will be a treat for fans of that genre, and what more the video itself is a visual treat.

Usually, I don’t really care about the video of a song as hardly are they truly entertaining to watch. However, the crazy graphics make it spunky and I personally dig the vibrant and colourful concept of the entire video.

The song has multiple uses, you can use while going on a road-trip, I assure you the best way to hype your friends while driving on the long highway is to play this song. Another could be to use it as a midnight drive song when returning from a party or going to one.

Speaking of parties, the end of year is rapidly approaching us, and it seems we have finally gotten the perfect year-end song for this New Years’ parties. The beats of song make you want to dance crazily with your friends. So bring out your weird dance moves and get to dancing the night away and end the year with the right amount of ‘swag’.

If you asked me, I am just happy that it is not another hip-hop wannabe song and instead offers something on all levels, whether it be the visuals, lyrics, different music genre and being an upbeat song.

Image Credits: Google Images

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