There are some typical songs played during weddings without whom any function would be incomplete. And you know what are those songs, nope, not any latest Bollywood songs, instead, they are our much-beloved folk songs from around the country.

Yup, folk songs have long been a part of our wedding functions, and for Punjabi weddings, one of them would the Punjabi folk song ‘kala doriyan’.

First sung by Surinder Kaur who was also called the Nightingale of Punjab, the song has been a constant at especially the sangeet nights when women of the brides family would get an old-timey drum and sing this song while only beating a spoon against it.

However, in an exclusive preview, we got to listen to the upcoming song by soon to release movie Kaalakaandi called ‘Kaala Doreya’ which is a modern adaptation of the folk song made fit for the millennial generation.

 Bollywood and Folk Songs

Bollywood had actually has had an interesting relation with folk songs with a lot of movies imbibing them into its story to create a more rustic and authentic feel.

It also helps that a lot of people already know these songs from childhood which just increases the relatability factor.

Lamhe using ‘Morni Bagama Bole’, Cocktail using Jugni, Navraji Majhi of English Vinglish and Genda Phool of Dilli 6 are certain folk songs that over the years have been used in Bollywood movies and introduced folk songs on a mainstream level.

Folk songs in Bollywood are seeing a gradual rise in Bollywood and according to me is a great way to introduce the current generation to the folk music of our country.

However, recently we have seen a hoard of old songs being remixed and adapted just for the sake of it, hoping to use on the hype they have accumulated and thoroughly butchering the song and the sweet memories attached with it.

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This Is How An Adaptation Is Made

While listening to ‘Kaala Doreya’, I was pleasantly surprised that it still maintained a certain rustic feel to it, with just tasteful additions done.

You can even in this new version feel the original beats of the Punjabi folk song and have to give props to the singer whose beautiful and deep voice brings the song to another level.

It is a peppy remix of the original folk song that will surely find its way to your playlist. And to make it more relatable to the millennials, it has a section of rap towards the end that creates just the right amount of fusion between east and west without losing the essence of the song.

Even the instruments used are mainly Indian and help to keep the song grounded instead of giving a ‘wannabe’ feel as if it is trying to be just another Western song.

It is an excellent party and wedding song, especially for sangeet nights. And what more, it is just slow enough for even the parents to enjoy and bust a move too.

So you happy, your parents happy, the function happy, what more could you want?

As Kaalakaandi’s official blog partner, get to see a special preview of the song on our Facebook tomorrow.

We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Image Credits: Google Images

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