Archie comics have been a staple read for teenagers across countries for many years ever since they were introduced sometime around 1942.

Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and even side characters of Reggy, Moose and more somehow gave all of us 90s teenagers a glimpse at the western way of education, high school, chocolate shops, dating and so much more.

I remember combing through these comics at lightning speed and spending hours at bookshops, roadside vendors and more trying to find the edition I wanted. And of course, getting distracted reading them even if I knew I wouldn’t be buying them.

Although I don’t really see that craze in the present generation, the Archie comics and characters hold a dear place in the heart of us fans. And along the way they have taken many questionable decisions, some that have been applauded and some that were plain idiotic.

Here though, let us take a look at the 5 Archie comic strips that dealt with a controversial or sensitive issue and we didn’t even notice them:

1. When they introduced their first gay character

Kevin Keller first made an appearance in Veronica No. 202 in the 2010 September edition. Kevin was the first ever gay character in the comics and the edition was so popular that it resulted in a reprint.

archie comic strips

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2. When they correctly called out double standards

This comic strip very correctly called out the double standards that women face and in fact is still relevant in today’s time.

archie comic strips

3. When they made Jughead such a cool character

Jughead might not be the best character, he is indifferent, a little misogynistic, selfish and more. But perhaps what Archie comics did was present a character who did not bend to the rules especially in his sexuality.

This comic gives a glimpse of how the creators behind it tried to always leave an ambiguity to him without confirming anything so that a person could give it any interpretation.

archie comic strips

4. When they showed physical disability

In 2014, Archie comics introduced a new character of Harper Lodge who apart from being a cousin of Veronica, was also wheelchair bound. Her character was loosely inspired, as per sources, by the late Jewel Kats an activist for the disabled.

archie comic strips

5. When they showed the ‘Occupy protest movement’

In Archie Comics #635, the comics take a look at the ‘occupy protest movement’ with their own version of it called, ‘occupy Riverdale’.

The battle between capitalism and socialism was a very controversial topic that the comics took up, especially when they have usually been quite or politically correct on such matters before.

archie comic strips archie comic strips archie comic strips

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