Be it gol-gappas or a fancy Bruschetta, food is great. But what has since long been a tough choice; is whether to eat at a street outlet or at that cool but expensive cafe. While cafes offer you a really awesome ambience and a great deal of privacy, the street food can be orgasmic for your taste buds with almost intense flavours exploding in your mouth.

You see, choosing between these two can be more difficult than choosing the stream of your choice after 10th. But worry not my friends, for whether you love the elegance of a cafe or the hustle bustle of a street, we have got you all covered. Here we tell you some really cool food hacks you didn’t know.

  1. Eat cheap at big cafes too

When you are grabbing a meal at a big and popular cafe such as Big Chill or Woodbox, always remember to customize your meal. When you customize your meal, you’re guaranteed to get fresh food and you can save as much as 30% on your total bill. Also if you are a student, remember to keep your ID card handy and avail student discount.

  1. The street rush will actually work wonders

No one likes to wait in long queues while at their favourite street food outlet. But grabbing a meal at rush hour can actually be good for you. This is because going through the rush hour ensures that you get the freshest or the hottest meal. No harm in waiting extra for eating hot.

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  1. You should be the smart customer in the cafe

Your smartness depends upon how well you know to order your food and not just spending a fortune on one meal. When in a popular cafe, try to go for their signature dishes. Signature dishes are often heavy so ordering just one of these can fill your stomach. For working professionals, nearly all big cafes offer a Wi-Fi service so use that generously to stay connected to your work while you sip that coffee.

  1. Order half, get more

Whenever you can’t decide between two meals, simply order half of both the dishes and get best of both worlds. So eat both the pav bhaji as well as the chole bhature. If you want to get more at the same cost, just ask the vendor to pack your food. More food will be added to your plate if it’s a takeaway. So go out there and get your tunde kebabs packed to get more of the tasty dish.

  1. Get the coffee of your dreams

Perfect coffee is made by perfect concoctions. Know what you are ordering- espresso, latte or mocha. Usually, cafes serve a different proportion of coffee with regards to its type. Plus always go for ordering a small coffee in a big cup. The barista will be more likely to over-pour the amount you would get in a normal sized cup.

Whether it’s cafe or street place, both places have a charm of their own. If you wish to enjoy some private time with a nice surrounding and good quality food, go to the nearest cafe.

But if you want to enjoy food rich in culture and flavors and eating among the crowd makes you happy, then indulge in that tasty chatpata street food. With these hacks for eating efficiently at both the places, you are sure to enjoy filling up that stomach of yours because, at the end, food is love. Everything else is a sham.

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