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From K… K.. Kiran to Haar ke Jeetne vale ko hi Baazigar kehte hai to Don, Shahrukh Khan has captured the audience of India, in a way few have before. His nationwide appeal stems from his “nobody to somebody” life story, his outsider turned insider image and of course his acting. He has a cult-like following, with some being borderline obsessed with him. So much so that SRK made a movie on someone being obsessed with him.

The point is, ladka bahut popular hai. He is literally the prime example of “household name”.

But I think he’s overrated. I’m not saying he’s a bad actor, I just think the amount of brouhaha surrounding him is just a bit too much. Let me tell you why.

First of all, he’s not that good of an actor, that guy literally acts the same in every movie ( or at least a majority). So much so that the style of his that is mimicked by comedians is same for each and every movie. You can say it’s his “signature”. It’s just a lack of variety.

I mean the same expressions and mannerisms cannot fit every role from an engineer to a drug lord. And just because it is iconic, does not make it good. Have you ever seen comedians mimicking Leonardo Di Caprio or Meryl Streep this way? No! This is because they have distinct characters and personalities for each role. This guy does not.

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Plus, his movies aren’t that great. Like seriously. What’s DDLJ about? It’s about how two people go on a trip somehow after overcoming obstacles that could not be overcome out of the Bombay shaped bubble that our film industry lives in, and how one guy literally STALKS THE S*** out of the girl till she somehow, through the divine intervention of the patriarchal mindset of the director, falls for. Sigh!

Don is an unrealistic high profile crime world where you can apparently fool experienced police officers and Malaysian police officers are Indian and speak Hindi.

The rest of his movies follow the same pattern, the one Bollywood has for generations. And this is what bores me. Bores the hell out of me. The same thing repeated for generations, over and over again. SRK was simply a fresh face that the industry needed badly. If not him, it would have been someone else.

The point is, he is nothing special.

That being said, that’s my opinion. And that too, for SRK as an actor. As a human being, I have massive respect for him. He is by far the coolest Bolly actor and I genuinely enjoy his award show hosting gigs and other TV appearances. I just think he is overrated as an actor.


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