From time immemorial, all the tech giants have based their products on that joint between the arms and the hands a.k.a. the wrists.

Women wore bangles. Watches were invented. And boom, smart watches became the perfect solution to mix and match the fitness plus work routine.

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It’s only recently that companies have finally moved passed the wrist and developed the smallest fitness gadget ever i.e. the fitness ring.

Yes, that’s right. You can now keep your fitness in check by moving just a finger!

Fitness Ring Is The New Cool, Goodbye Fitbit

So this smallest fitness gadget comes in the form of a ring which is more or less similar to a Fitbit in terms of features i.e. it can measure your daily activity, heartbeat, sleep etc.

But what gives it an edge over these smart wrist watches and Fitbits is its look. Fitness rings come in sizes only a little thicker than a usual ring. They look pretty fashionable, unlike the other fitness gadgets!

These fitness rings don’t have any buttons and are hardly visible on your hand, unlike other wrist gadgets, making them suitable for any occasion. They also don’t make a lot of sounds or flash unnecessarily!

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Miniature Size Does Have Some Negatives

However, making the fitness rings in a miniature size does have its defects. For instance, you have to be really careful while buying it in order to have the right size.

Also, you can only check the fitness details/data collected via the app since these fitness rings don’t have a screen. Thus, a little less useful for sportspeople who don’t carry a cell phone all the time.

How Does It Function?

Fitness Rings as the name suggests, collect data from your finger. Now, that’s pretty usual. Hospitals have been collecting data that way since way too long.

Fingers have blood vessels which can be used to monitor pulse. Usually, these rings place a green-light optical heart-rate sensor via the ring against your skin. The software is smart enough to recognise actual exercise and proxy finger movement.

While setting up you put in all details like height, weight etc. and the app of the company whose fitness ring you own determines your physical activity on its own.

There are a number of companies selling these Fitness Rings like Ringler, Oura, Motiv etc. Although, the Android version of some of these Apps is unavailable yet.

Motiv Fitness Ring

One of the companies which are selling these fitness rings in pretty decent numbers is Motiv. The Motiv Fitness Ring charges in 3 days and gives a 10,000 steps per day target. One such ring is costing $200 right now.

The ring works on a weekly target pattern. So, if you miss a day or two in between you can cover up later. Heart rate accuracy works better with accurate ring size.

In order to make you get your perfect size, Motiv sends dummy rings before sending you your order. This way you can determine the accurate size before buying your Fitness Ring.

Users have reported some minor problems and discrepancies. But on a whole these rings seem to be selling well and a definite hit amongst the customers!

So even though Fitness Rings are a little ambitious product right now, they are definitely a gadget which is going to see a rise in demand in future! The only wait though is for that dip in the prices a little.

Will you buy a Fitness Ring? Let us know in the comments below!

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