Ever since Cinderella brought the stereotype of evil stepmother and Bollywood added fuel to the fire by almost always showing the step-mother and step-sibling as being evil and selfish, there has been a deep intrigue around the entire relationship between step-parent and stepchild.

One of those kinds of relationships which has been our time and tested favourite is the one between Hema Malini and the Deol brothers, Sunny Deol to be precise.

Media has always glamourised their relationship as one fraught with tension and discomfort. However, two days back, Hema Malini released her biography ‘Hema Malini: Beyond The Dream Girl’ where she discussed all such controversial topics.

hema malini's relationship with stepson

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Here is what she had to say regarding the much talked about relationship with her stepson Sunny Deol, “everyone wonders what kind of a relationship we (she and Sunny) are having. It is very beautiful and cordial. Whenever it is necessary he (Sunny) is always there, along with Dharam ji, especially when this accident happened.”

He was the first person to come to see me at home and he saw that the right doctor is there for the stitches that were done on my face. I was really taken aback to see him showing so much interest. That shows what kind of a relationship we are having,” she said.

This must truly come as disappointing to seekers of chat-pat masala sorts who live off these kinds of assumptions because for many years rumours have always stated the opposite.

Here are some of them that have revolved around the relationship between Hema Malini and the Deol brothers:

1. Deol Brothers Skipped Esha Deol’s Wedding

The rumour mills almost broke with traffic when news came out that Sunny and Bobby Deol did not attend Esha Deol’s wedding that happened in 2012.

A lot of stuff was assumed but this sort of confirmed for many that the Deol brothers and Hema Malini and her daughters do not share a good equation with each other.

hema malini's relationship with stepson

2. Dharmendra and Hema Marriage

Even when Dharmendra married Hema Malini it was rumoured that Sunny Deol was so upset that he wanted to take some major step.

3. Every Time The Deol Brothers Don’t Attend The Same Function As Hema Malini And Her Family

Just the fact that Sunny and Bobby Deol were not present at a function held by Hema Malini and her family is cause for the rumours to start up again.

I would finish this with just my own two cents that, it is actually quite stupid for us and media to want Sunny Deol and Hema Malini to behave like mother and son, because they are not. Sure their relationship might not have had the smoothest course but that does not mean they cannot have a good relationship. This is not a Karan Johar movie where everyone will come together as one big family and hug and laugh and skip all the time. I believe its time that rumours of Sunny Deol hating Hema Malini and more finally die down.

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