Living in a PG? For the first time? Awww.. you poor baby!

Unless your PG has been designed by Karan Johar, just like the colleges in his films, then there are some things that will shock you at first. But there will come a time when you adjust to them.

There are few things you need to know before you enter such a space.

1. Forget the term ‘personal space’

If you live in a room that has more than two people, then I believe that there is barely any room for personal space. Pun intended!
When you wish to listen to loud music, your roommate might be having a headache.
When you wish to sleep, your roommate would want to watch some television.

2. Get used to your stuff being stolen

If there is a common fridge where everyone keeps their fruits and vegetables, it is a universal truth and an inevitable reality that people will consume your stuff without any information being provided to you.

If you have a common place to dry your clothes, like a balcony maybe, then people can even take your undergarments.
Of course, sharing is caring. But sharing without letting the person know you shared their stuff, is stealing.

3. Your life will revolve around your three meals

THIS WILL HAPPEN! Because here you don’t have your mom who will provide you with your favorite food without you asking for it, either while you work or even when you are lazying around.

Either you keep thinking about what to order, or what to cook!

And when you cook, you will need to take out time from your work. Or if you are just stuck to your bed, then you will have to take the pains to get up from your asses and cook.

Even if you order, IT IS NEVER EASY TO FIGURE OUT what you wish to eat.
The struggle is real!

4. A common TV? Forget your show timings then!

There will constant be a tussle in the room about what to watch.
One person might want to watch Discovery channel, while the other might want Splitsvilla.
One person might want to watch their favorite film, the other might be watching Bigg Boss.

5. Get used to the fact that people have different levels of hygiene

Some people are so anal about their bed sheets, they will clean their cupboards every week and spray a room freshener every night, brush their teeth twice a day, and kill anyone who comes in the way of their personal Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan!

While on the other hand, there will be people who will bathe once in 4 days, take your dishes to cook and never clean them and have bugs flying over their own dishes.

There is no in between.

Although, don’t get disheartened! A PG is not all that bad.

Sometimes you get roommates who become the greatest friends. You have late night conversations, you pull each other’s leg, you play cards the whole night, you have drinking sessions with them (illegally sometimes) and you share all your gossip with them.

Because ultimately, they are the people you start and end your day with!

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